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The goal of the game is quite simple, you start at dungeon level 1 and have to go to the level 40 to get the Orb of Carnos, then get back to level 1 while killing a Dark Wizard and exit the dungeon, but, of course, that is easier said than done, you'll need a lot of patience to finish this game and a few strategies to make it back in one piece!

General notes[edit]

  • Here is what we can see in the status window at the right:
    • DL is for Dungeon Level,
    • HP is for Hit points
    • EL is for Experience Level
    • FD is for Food
  • There's also the HP bar and FD bar, all your attributes and a map that will be created as you move.
  • Below the status window, is the message window which is quite useful for understanding the effect that an item has on you.
  • By killing monsters, you will gain Experience Levels, thus increasing your Hit Points and gaining more skills for one of the classes your have chosen.
  • When using a potion, a scroll or a wand, you will be able to identify it the next time you will pick up another one.
  • If you use an Identify scroll on a ring, weapon or armor, the next time you pick up a similar item, you'll be able to automatically identify it, but you won't know the value of the modifier (like a -1 for a dagger -1).
  • Never try to use an item that has a negative modifier attached to it, for example a Leather armor -1 or a Regeneration ring -1 since they have negative effect.
  • Don't use the same name for your player, it will screw up your Hall of Legends.
  • Since this game dates back from the 80's, it might be hard to be able to play it today, but with "Mini vMac" on a Windows computer, it's works just fine since it emulates a Macintosh 6.0.8, I found that with Basilisk, using a Macintosh 7.5.5 it's not perfect, there won't be any sound.
  • The list of items below is complete, but some items with some modifiers are missing.
3. Tips
When starting a new game, make sure to wear your armor and wield your
weapons as soon as you start since they're not used by default.

For new player, this game is really, really hard. Monsters comes all the
time, finding good items is very rare, a lot of the items have negative
effects on you and you don't know it until you try them and so on. To help
you, you can save your game at anytime during playing. Also the game will
automatically save your game when you exit a level.

Before using an item, make sure you save your game, if the item is curse or
doesn't produce the result you were looking for, just restore your game and
try again. For example, if you have an Intelligence potion, keep using it
until it gives you a +2 of Intelligence, instead of keeping a +1.

Even with the save game feature, the game will still be of a difficulty
setting of hard, so to help you even further and have a difficulty setting of
medium, at the Dungeon Level 9, when trying to exit, a Gate Keeper will
appear, after getting rid of him, he'll give you a Wishing scroll, the
strategy is to save before exiting, then kill the Gate Keeper, and use an
Identify scroll on the Wishing scroll, do this until it gives you a Wishing
scroll +3. Then you'll be able to Wish for 3 thing, which should be:
Plate armor +4
Regeneration ring +2
X-ray ring +2
The wishing scroll will always give what you ask and the item will never
be curse, no need to identify the items.

Another trick to make the difficulty setting at easy is to keep 10 Magic
Mapping scroll for Dungeon Level 31 to 40. Save your game, exit a Dungeon
Level and at the next one, use the scroll and analyse what is the way to go
to the exit, if it's too long and too complicated, restore your last save
game and try again until you find that the exit is near your position.

To make the game even more easy, when you exit a Dungeon Level, the game
automatically save but did not create the next Dungeon. So, exit a level,
wander the new level until you get a Wishing scroll, Muscle potion,
Intelligence scroll or whatever you need, if you don't find one, restore
your last save game and try again. You can build a player with 25 points
in all his attributes that way.

Here's the list of items that you should seek out during gameplay:
Plate armor +4
Elven Cloak +4
Shield +2
Gloves +2
Helmet +2
Regeneration ring +2
X-ray +2
A weapon +4 (I didn't see any difference between a Death Blade +4, a Death
Whip +4, a Two-handed sword +4, a Long sword +4 or a Mace +4)

Here's the item you should keep during gameplay:
Life potion: Helps counteracts the damage done by Vampires that are presents
from Dungeon Level 31 to 39.
Polymorph wand: Use it against Vampires
Death wand: Use it against Vampires
Magic Mapping scroll: Keep at least one for the Dungeon Level 40
Digging wand: You can turn walls into boulders that can be pushed, thus
creating shortcuts to go to the exit.
Identify Scroll: Required to find the right Orb on level 40.
Strength Potion: Restores your strength that can be lost when some
monsters attack and from eating rotten food. 

When you reach the Dungeon Level 40, the first thing to do is to reach the
center, there'll be a 3x3 area filled with boulders, one of the Orb of Carnos
is at the center, you don't need a Digging wand to reach the center, just push
the boulders diagonally. Then use an Identify scroll on the orb, if it shows
"A plastic ball", then it's not the right orb, you'll have to search for the
Plate armor +4 on the same level, the real orb will be under it.

Since you'll have to go to level 40 and back, you can leave some items near
the start or exit square, thus allowing you to carry more items and you'll be
able to pick them up when you come back. For example, leave all your Gems,
1 or 2 Food items at each level, it's also a good idea to put Invisibility,
Speed and Healing potions also, so you can pick them up on your way back to
help you fight the Dark Wizard.

The monster Gate Keeper will appear when you try exiting these levels:
4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29, 34, 39. You will have to kill it to continue. Each
time he is more powerful. Speed and Invisibility potion are quite useful
for them. You can also use a Speed potion and use Wands from a distance
against him, since you'll be walking faster than him.

Since the X-ray ring allows you to see through walls, you can find secrets
in some level, it'll be a 3x3 or a 4x4 area filled with items, just use a
Digging wand on the walls to turn it into a boulder and push it.

Use the spacebar to pass the time, useful to wait without moving to
regenerate HP.

Even with a maximum Strength of 25, there is a maximum of 50 items that you
can carry at the same time.

You can know the maximum modifier of an item with a Wishing scroll, for
example if you wish for a "Plate armor +9", it'll give you a +4, which is
the maximum, or wishing for a Polymorph wand +80 will give you a +5. Potions
are, unfortunately, always +1, the maximum for the Gems are a Diamond 15k,
armors and weapons are always +4, rings are +2. Some items can't be acquired
tough, like a Wishing scroll, a plastic ball or the Orb of Carnos ;-)

A simple trick to kill the Dark Wizard easily, is to attack him near a start
or exit square, if you're badly damage, change your Dungeon Level and wait so
you can regenerate your HP, go back the other level, attack him and so on.
But you can still finish the game without killing the Dark Wizard and you'll
make it into the Hall of Legends.

Just before exiting the Dungeon Level 1 with the Orb of Carnos, make sure
your Inventory is completely full, this will give you a higher score for the
loot in the Hall of Legends.

Personally, doing all of these strategies above, mostly every items I found,
I don't need them, I only need 1 Life, Speed and Invisibility potion on me
at all time, plus 10 Magic Mapping scrolls and all the Digging wands I can
find. Even the Gloves, Helmet, Shield and Elven Cloak are almost useless if
you have the Plate Armor +4.

4. Classes and attributes
Class      Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha Skills
Knight     16  10  10  16  18  15  Guessing armors
Fighter    18  8   8   16  15  9   Guessing weapons
Sage       14  22  8   14  13  15  Guessing scrolls
Wizard     14  8   22  14  13  15  Guessing wands
Alchemist  14  13  13  15  22  12  Guessing potions
Jeweller   14  13  12  22  12  13  Guessing rings
Jones      15  14  14  14  15  18  None

There's a maximum of 25 for each attributes.

Strength helps to carry more items and deal more damages.
You also need at least 18 to push boulders.

Intelligence helps to use a scroll without it failing,
also at 16 you'll be able to auto-map.

Wisdom probably helps to hit monsters with wands.

Dexterity probably helps being able to hit monsters and/or avoiding
being hit by a wand. With 18 Dex and at least level 5 you can attack
twice per turn by wielding two weapons.

Constitution probably helps to have more Hit Points when
gaining an Experience Level.

Charisma probably helps to avoid monsters, they'll just pass
near you without seeing you.

Even tough each classes have different attributes and skills, they're
pretty much the same, if you do my tips above, their skills is completely
useless, but I think the best class is the Fighter, he's the one with the
best Strength which helps carry more items.

5. Armors
It is hard to say the order of armor from worst to best, but it is safe to
say that the leather armor is the worst and the plate armor is the best.

If you are using a shield, you cannot use a two-handed weapon at the same

The Elven Cloak can be worn with another armor but it must be worn after the

Banded armor -1
Banded armor +0
Banded armor +4
Chain armor -1
Chain armor +0
Chain armor +2
Elven Cloak -2
Elven Cloak -1
Elven Cloak +0
Elven Cloak +1
Elven Cloak +2
Elven Cloak +3
Elven Cloak +4
Gloves +0
Gloves +1
Gloves +2
Helmet +0
Helmet +1
Helmet +2
Leather armor -3
Leather armor -2
Leather armor -1
Leather armor +0
Leather armor +1
Leather armor +2
Plate armor -3
Plate armor +2
Plate armor +3
Plate armor +4
Shield -2
Shield +0
Shield +1
Shield +2

6. Weapons
I found that the throwables are quite annoying to use all the time, plus the
fact that they don't seem to work a lot and they don't seem to cause a lot
of damage and they consume valuable spaces in the inventory. I never use them.

Dagger -2
Dagger -1
Dagger +0
Dagger +1
Dagger +2
Dart +7
Death Blade +2
Death Blade +4
Death Whip -2
Death Whip +4
Large rock +7
Large rock +11
Long sword -2
Long sword -1
Long sword +0
Long sword +1
Long sword +2
Long sword +4
Mace -3
Mace -2
Mace -1
Mace +0
Mace +1
Mace +2
Mace +3
Mace +4
Macintosh II +1: Throwable, very rare and very destructive
Sling -2
Sling +0
Sling +1
Sling +2
Sling +3
Spear +6
Spear +8
Spear +9
Spear +22
Small rock +41
Two-handed sword -3
Two-handed sword -2
Two-handed sword +0
Two-handed sword +1
Two-handed sword +2
Two-handed sword +4

7. Rings
A character can wear up to two rings at the same time, but cannot wear the
same ring twice.

Hunger          : Will get you hungry about 3 times as fast
Monster         : Will attract a lot of monsters
Regeneration -1
Regeneration +0 : Helps you regain HP faster
Regeneration +2
Resist cold +0  : Helps resist cold from monster attacks
Resist cold +1
Resist fire -1  : Probably makes you less resistant to fire
Resist fire +0  : Helps resist fire from monster attacks
Resist fire +1
Resist fire +2
Slowness        : Will slow you during combat
Stealth -1
Stealth +0      : You will not make any sound when moving, thus attracting
                  less monsters and less chances of waking up a monster
Stealth +1
X-ray -1        : Your will only see a 3x3 area and not through walls
X-ray +0        : Allow you to see through walls in a 5x5 area
X-ray +1        : Allow you to see through walls in a 6x7 area
X-ray +2        : Allow you to see through walls and see all the map

8. Potions
Blindness +1     : The map will be temporarily black
Charisma +1      : Permanently add 1-2 to your Charisma
Confusion +1     : Hard to move around the map
Constitution +1  : Permanently add 1-2 to your Constitution
Dexterity +1     : Permanently add 1-2 to your Dexterity
Extra-Healing +1 : Recover about 300 HP
Healing +1       : Recover about 100 HP
Invisibility +1  : Increase the chance to evade a monster attack
Levitation +1    : Temporarily allow you to carry a maximum of items whatever
                   your Strength is
Life +1          : Cure Vampire damage
Muscle +1        : Permanently add 1-2 to your Strength
Poison +1        : Permanently reduce your strength of 2-3
Speed +1         : To run away or get an extra attack
Strength         : Only helps to counteracts the effects of the Poison potion
                   or the Giant Scorpion stings, it doesn't increase your
                   Strength, nor does it helps you to push boulders if your
                   Strength is below 18
Resist cold +1   : Help to resist cold attacks from monsters
Resist fire +1   : Help to resist fire attacks from monsters
Worthless +1     : I guess, the name says it all ;)

9. Scrolls
Some scrolls can be use 1 time, others up to 4 times. If you use a Identify
scroll, do not click Cancel, because it will still use the scroll.

Amnesia +1        : You will forget the identity of all the items you picked
Enchant armor +1  : When used, it will say "Your armor glows!", it will
                    increase the modifier of the first armor you're wearing
                    on the inventory list yu cannot have a Plate armor +5 with
Enchant weapon +1 : When used, it will say "Your weapon glows!", it will
                    increase the modifier of the first weapon you're wearing
                    on the inventory list, you cannot have a Death blade +5
                    with it *sigh*
Gain +1           : Gain a level automatically
Identify +1       : Identify an item
Identify +2
Identify +3
Identify +4
Intelligence +1   : Permanently add 1 or 2 to your Intelligence
Joke +1           : Will tell a joke, funny but useless ;-)
Magic mapping +1  : Will map the entire current level
Protection +1     : Will temporarily protects you, probably increasing your
Remove curse +1   : Using it will says "Your body glows", you can then remove
                    items you're wearing that are curse
Teleport +1       : Will teleport you somewhere in your current dungeon level
Wisdom +1         : Permanently add 1 or 2 to your Wisdom
Wishing +1        : Wish for an object and you will receive
Wishing +2
Wishing +3
Worthless +1      : Guess what? ;)

10. Wands
Watch out for walls, they will reflect back some wands and may hurt or even
kill you. Use this trick with the invisibility wand to make you invisible.

Death +1        : Deals a lot of damage
Death +2
Death +3
Digging +1      : Will change any wall that is not touching a black square to
                  a boulder that can be pushed, you can create shortcut with
                  it, very useful for the level 35 to 40
Digging +3
Digging +4
Fear +3         : Monster will run away from you
Fear +6
Fear +7
Fear +8
Fire +2         : Attack monsters with fire
Fire +4
Fire +5
Fire +6
Ice +3          : Attack monsters with ice, has no effect on the Ice Whirlwind
                  monster but very effective on the Fire Lizard
Ice +4
Ice +5
Ice +6
Invisibility +1 : Make a monster or you invisible
Lightning +2    : Attack monsters with lightning
Polymorph +1    : Transform monsters into another type of monster
Polymorph +2
Polymorph +3
Polymorph +5
Sleep +2        : Put monsters to sleep
Striking +5     : Attack monsters wuth a magical attack
Striking +10
Teleport +2     : Will teleport a monster or you

11. Gems
Diamond 8k
Diamond 15k
Emerald 1k
Emerald 2k
Emerald 3k
Emerald 5k
Ruby 4k
Ruby 5k
Ruby 6k

12. Orbs
The Orb of Carnos
A plastic ball

13. Food
All of these items will help you recover your Hit Points and Food bar. Make
sure you don't eat too much, else you will die by your stomach exploding.

Food ration +1
Fruit +1
Lizard +1
Spider +1

14. Monsters
If a monster is not moving that's because it is asleep and if you move closer
to him, he might wake up.

This is the list of monsters, the first column is the level where I first
encountered this monster, so it's kind of like it's experience level.

17 Air Devil
 1 Alligog
10 Amadon           Can confuse you
31 Balitor
18 Banshee
15 Black Pudding
30 Black Unicorn
 2 Caveman
26 Centaur
15 Crimean Warrior
40 Dark Wizard      Same abilities as you, gives a few 100k of Gold Pieces,
                    immune to Polymorph
38 Drackone
34 Dragon           Shoot fire attack, immune to Fire wand
16 Drow
25 Electric Penguin Shoot lighting attack
22 Ettin
33 Evil Cleric      Shoot magical attack (probably a Striking wand)
27 Evil Necromancer
13 Fire Lizard      Shoot fire attack, immune to Fire wand
19 Floor
22 Fomor
 4 Freezing Sphere
   Gate Keeper      Will be found 8 times in the game, each new time he will
                    be more powerful, the last one shoot all kind of attack,
                    drain HP and is immune to Polymorph
 2 Giant Bat
 5 Giant Scorpion   Can sting, thus decreasing your Strength of 1
 4 Giant Spider
 9 Ice Whirlwind    Shoot ice attack, immune to Ice wand
11 Lion
 3 Lizzog
11 Morrigan
 9 Ogrillion
 2 Pirboleg
22 Reaper           Give Elven Cloak
 1 Schwein Hund
 1 Sethron
20 Shambling Mound
 7 Skeleton Warrior
18 Succubus
31 Vampire          Drain your HP
 4 Wandering Eye    Can confuse you
25 Witch
 4 Zambit
28 Zarmindor

15. Rumors
In the Help menu, you'll finds the Rumors which is information about the game
in a cryptic way. Here's my interpretation of it.

Death is only a word: Maybe because a Death Blade or a Death Whip seems
to be dealing the same damages as a Mace, a Long sword or a Two-handed sword.

The Dark Wizard guards the orb: Which is true because when you take the orb,
the Dark Wizard will keep chasing you.

Experience strikes twice: Probably because experience helps at 2 places,
first to increase your Hit Points and second to help you guess items better.
Once you get to level 5, if you also have 18 Dex, you can wield two weapons 
and get two attacks per turn.

Money isn't everything: Better to drop Gems and carry something else more
useful when your capacity is full.

A wizard knows wands: Wizard can guess Wands.

Strength can move mountains: You need at least 18 of Strength to move

Roni is life: This one is sure very cryptic, there is nothing in this game
about Roni and the only life that comes up in the game are the Life potion.
Even so, my best guess would be the Rice-A-Roni:
Maybe the developers of the game likes it ;)

The 40th level is Death: Probably to say that it's the last Dungeon Level,
but it's not really death since you can go there and come back and as they
say, "death is only a word" ;)

A jeweller knows gems: Jeweller can guess Gems.

Monsters don't like stairs: Monsters will not come after you when you go up
or down a Dungeon Level.

Smart people write scrolls: Player with high intelligence has the most
chance of not failing a scroll.

Jones lives across the streets: Meaning Jones doesn't have any special
skills like the other classes has.

Taste isn't everything: You can still eat lizards and spiders, it'll help
recover your Food bar and won't damage you.

A bounce can be shocking: Some wands are reflected by walls.

Curses can be deadly: Curse items have negative effects that can seriously
handicap you thus killing you in the long run.

A Sethron is 63'' tall: The Sethron is a monster and that is 63 inches tall
or 1.6 meter, about the size of an average human. Other than that I have no
clue if it means anything. And even with a levitation potion, the Sethron
can still hit you.

Wisdom guides the wand: The higher your Wisdom, the more chances to hit a
monster with a wand.

A knight knows armors: Knight can guess Armors.

There are two "Orbs": Indeed there is 2, one is the Orb of Carnos, the other
one a plastic ball if you cast identify on it.

Beauty is only skin deep: ?

Jewellers know rings: Jeweller can guess Rings

Skill wields weapons: Dex helps you miss less when attacking.

Beauty can tame a beast: With my experience, it looks like that the higher
Charisma you have, the less chances a monster has to come and annoy you.

A fighter knows weapons: Fighter can guess Weapons.

Protection can be harmful: It probably means that carrying the heaviest armor,
which is the plate armor, might be a bad choice for player with weak Strength,
since they won't be able to carry a lot of items, they should stick with a
Leather armor. But I completely disagree with it, whatever your Strength is,
get a Plate Armor +4 on the Dungeon Level 9 with the wish scroll from the Gate
Keeper. Else, you've got no future.
Protection from cold will increase the damage you take from fire, and protection
from fire will increase the damage you take from cold. 

A sage knows scrolls: Sage can guess Scrolls.