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You teleport at Morimoto Martian Colony. Here you must stop Ares android from destroying the colony, and an alien shuttle. As always, you have less than 2 hours to complete the mission before your biosuit energy drains.

Proceed to the N, passing by the 3 airlock door. When you reach the junction you are "greeted" by the android Ares (3) who is exiting from the Main Entrance-3. You are standing in his way as he is proceeding to the Maintenance Transport. In front of you is the main entrance to the Colony, flanked by corridors to a Maintenance Transport room, and an Ore Processing Machine room (which you can't access yet, as you will die in 30 seconds without oxygen).

Main Entrance[edit]

You are in the reception area, a desk flanked by two entrances to the main colony. If you approach one of the doors you will see a thermal scan of two people playing paper-rock-scissors, but otherwise you are not allowed to enter the main colony. Turn to the back of the desk, and you will find out that Ares took care of the clerk. Zoom in to the desk and take the clerk's Access Card (5). Go through the kiosk (2) and return to the exit to the Shuttle Docks. Outside, turn W and proceed to the door leading to the Maintenance Transport-4.

Maintenance Transport[edit]

Once you enter the room, a tunnel pod arrives, returning after Ares used it. Descend the stairs and access the screen in front of you to see the tram route (2). Note dead ends on the map. Enter the tram and open the compartment to find inside a Power Crowbar (5), useful later. Turn around to the control panel, and insert the Access Card to the rightmost slot (5).

Use the left and right keys to steer away from dead ends, which will kill you. You might crash through some wooden barriers, but as long as the track rejoins the main route, you won't die. At the end, you' reach another section of the Colony, Maintenance Transport-2. Exit the tram and climb the stairs to the door; the AI warns you that Ares is near.

Oxygen room[edit]

Proceed to the oxygen room and take the (empty) Oxygen Mask (5). Unfortunately you can't do much else in this era unless you refill the Nitrogen Canister and Mask, which is done in Norad, so feel free to use the Pegasus bio-chip, transport to Norad, fill the Mask, and replay the Morimoto mission (you won't have to take the objects again).

Having a filled Nitrogen Canister, turn to the left; Ares is entering from sabotaging the shield. He warns you to stay our of his way so turn to the right and walk a bit until he leaves (5). You have 15 seconds to comply or he kills you. Listen and notice that the tunnel pod has left the lower transport sector. Turn around and enter the door from which he entered, Shield Generator-4.

Shield Generator[edit]

The AI warns you that your biosuit consumes energy 6x faster to compensate with the radioactivity, so either be very quick, or use the Shield Biochip taken from Poseidon in NORAD—the biosuit will consume energy only 3x faster. Access the Diagnostic & Repair Platform IV. Press right or left 2 times, and then click extend platform (2). Lower Diagnostic Screen in order to remove the panel, use the (filled) Nitrogen Canister to freeze it (3) for 15 seconds, so quickly break it with the Power Crowbar you found earlier (3).

On the Diagnostic Screen, feel free to choose any of the first two operations. However, if you choose Run Diagnostics, a foreign object will be detected (4). Removing it will kill you. Instead, Analyze it and Attempt Circuit Link to Detonator. There is a multi-level disarm code of electrosynaptic connections, and you must discover the combination of color nodes by playing a variant of a Mastermind puzzle in 4 minutes, or the bomb will explode. The bob will also explode if you fail to disarm it in the allotted number of tries. The level 1 has 3 possible colors, level 2 has 4 possible colors and level 2 has 5 possible colors. A decision tree for the hardest, five-color, level is avalable here. In the easy level the puzzle will be automatically solved.

After you solve the puzzle (8), you can now Lower Diagnostic Screen and remove the explosive device (Card Bomb) (5). You have prevented half of Ares' mission, the destruction of the Colony, and you can Retract Platform. Press left or right twice, and return to the oxygen room.

The pod is no longer there, and you will be killed if you exit onto the empty pod tracks. Proceed to the Airlock, where AI warns you that you don't have oxygen, so make sure you have the filled Oxygen Mask. It lasts for 30 minutes.


TJP - Pegasus Prime Morimoto maze.png

Press Pressurize and then Spin. Use the Mapping bio-chip to find your way through the maze system. Some robots are lethal, and you have 5 seconds to move away from them. Find the exit (5) to an elevator. Step on it and once you see a corridor, step out in time; traverse the machine room (2) to the other airlock (it is the airlock you could see earlier from the Shuttle Docks but could not enter without an Oxygen Mask, and did not need to, as you could use the pod). Again press Pressurize then Spin, and once more you find yourself to the Shuttle Docks. Have in mind that you have to complete the maze in 30 minutes before your oxygen drains.

Shuttle Docks[edit]

Exit the Airlock and you again see Ares going to the armed escort shuttles, soon a speaker announces that Shuttle 2 departed. Follow him and traverse once more the same corridor until Airlock-3. Ares has overridden the emergency shuttle lock so you can now access the gantry doors. Note however that you will die if you open a wrong airlock as you will be sucked out. Board the cockpit module of a shuttle (2). Enjoy the cutscene as the shuttle pursues Ares to the launch acceleration tube (4), and then atmospheric breakaway.

Now you are in orbit over Mars. The speaker briefs you on the weapons of the shuttle: Energy Damping Beam, Graviton Cannon and Tractor Beam. You have 10 minutes to stop Ares before he destroys the alien ship, thus failing your mission. You must stop his shuttle by shooting it lowering its power. He tries to destroy you by dropping space junk which will drain it of energy, eventually killing you, so shoot it with the Beam. You can succeed the mission by simply destroying the ship, or disabling it (10).

In order to take his biochips and the Gandhi points, the non-violent solution is: Shoot him 11 times and once you drain his energy, select Tractor Beam and wait for his shuttle to enter the center of the screen, then activate. Now you can transport onto his ship. In the easy level the sequence will be automatically solved.

You find the ship (and Ares) totally broken so collect the two biochips from his brain (10). One is the Shield biochip (if you haven't gotten it already) which can be used at the WSC catwalk and Caldoria rooftop, and of course the Opmem Biochip which has stored his orders. Transport back to TSA (10) and watch the opmem bioship with his orders.