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Menus and Displays[edit | edit source]

Controls Action
Neutral dpad
  • Move cursor
  • Move character (walk)
  • Select character or enemy (during combat)
Neutral dpad+Circle button
  • Move character (run)
L1 button or R1 button
  • Turn icon displays on/off
Triangle button
  • Open in-game menu
Cross button
  • Confirm selection
  • Attack
  • Additionals
  • Advance dialogue
  • Take action
Cross button (tap)
  • Increase multi-attack power
Circle button
  • Close menu
  • Cancel
  • Counterattack guard
Start button
  • Display area names on map
L2 button or R2 button
  • Switch map view
L1 button or R1 button
  • Rotate screen in map view