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There are nine sisters in The Void, all within their own chamber.

Throughout the game, you will need to give them two of the seven colours. When you fill their first heart with color, they will permit you passage to the subchambers, and filling the second heart permits you to pass through the chambers. While you may fill additional hearts, you should only do so if required to progress through the game, since it will anger the brothers.

Unnamed Sister[edit]

The Unnamed Sister, referred to as Death by the others, was born after the void was created. She will guide you through the first five days and will be the first sister where you have to fill her hearts.

She accepts the colours Emerald and Gold.


Ava is located above and to the right of the unnamed sister.

She accepts Amber and Violet.


Ava is located above and to the left of the unnamed sister.

She accepts Emerald and Silver.


Ima is found in the third row, above and right of Ava.

She accepts Azure and Emerald


Eli is found in the third row, directly above Ava.

She accepts Crimson and Silver.


Ire is found in the third row, directly above Uta.

She accepts Amber and Gold.


Una is found in the third row, above and left of Uta.

She accepts Azure and Crimson


Ole is at the top-right corner of the map, and is accessed through Ire and Ima's chambers. Within the first chapter, she will send you a message that she is waiting for you.

She accepts Amber and Violet.


Yani is at the top-left corner of the map, and is accessed through Una and Eli's chambers.

She accepts Azure and Violet.


The Brothers are the keepers of the realm, attempting to make sure that it is stable. On your arrival, the brothers are divided on their opinion about you. Some are plased that you will join them, while others are suspicious.

Like the sisters, they will give advice and instructions on how to proceed. Unlike the sisters, they are hostile if you continue to disregard their advice and will attack.

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Mantid is the first brother that will speak with you, appearing at the end of Cycle 5. He mentions that the brothers are proud that you ascended, but you should wait until you have studied and learned the Commandments.





Whaler is located next to Ava. His first conversation with you will be a reprimand for almost awakening the unnamed sister, giving only one cycle to correct the mistake in her chamber.