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Self Sacrifice[edit]

If for some reason you feel that you are in a helpless situation and need the Valkyrie to die so that you can continue in a safer state, or enter a password, pause the games, and press A button+B button on the second control pad.

Free 99 Gold Pieces[edit]

To the left of the Valkyrie's starting position on the first continent, you will see a lone tree near the water, just north of a set of four mountains. Chop this tree down, and a money bag will fall out. This unique money bag will contain 99 pieces of gold for you to collect.

Frozen Fireball[edit]

If you cast the fireball spell just before you enter a hotel or a shop, the fireball will freeze in midair. When you return outside, the fireball will remain on the screen motionless. It will follow the Valkyrie around the world as she moves through it until either the fireball strikes a monster (doing the normal amount of damage), or the Valkyrie casts another spell.

Open a chest without a key[edit]

If you chance upon a treasure chest and you don't have a key to open it with, you have another option. If you have an Ax, you can strike the chest with the Ax to gain the contents inside. You will, however, spring a trap in the chest and become poisoned. Note that using a regular Ax on the chest does not count against its use count.

The Pegasus Warp[edit]

Valkyrie no Bouken Dungeon Pegasus.png

If you find yourself in a dungeon and are looking for a way out, there is another kind of exit besides ladders. You may find a mural of a Pegasus in certain dungeons. While you can't interact with the mural in any way, there is something special about the floor tile below the upper right orb. If you stand on it, face a direction and press A button, you will discover that the tile is in fact a warp zone.

Invest money in Lightning[edit]

If you are in desperate need of money after you learn the spell of Lightning, you can make the bags of money worth a tremendous amount more by casting Lightning on them. After you cast the spell, the bags of money will be worth substantially more than when they fell from the monsters.

Reclaim stolen items[edit]

When a Zuhl touches the Valkyrie, he steals one of the items in her inventory. However, if she manages to attack and defeat a Zuhl that stole something from her, it will be returned to her inventory. In addition, any items that have limited uses will be restored to their full use count.


NAMCOT NWB039 00NO17[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
235 320 49 2991400 37780 Blue Helmet


HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
738 175 27 4898900 24460 Super Sword, Blue Mantle, Tiara

425642 564256 425642[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
512 732 1 18000 55130 Super Sword, Blue Mantle, Makou the Whale

Note: If you stay at a hotel, you will advance to level 8, and your HP and MP will max out at 999.

ZYXWVU TS0123 456789[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
992 241 3 5782500 19620 Blue Helmet, Makou the Whale

Note: If you stay at a hotel, you will advance to level 75. It will take a while.

VVQ5K5 H676FK UTT5K9[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
1006 999 69 6000000 60000 Super Sword, Blue Mantle, Blue Helmet, Makou the Whale, Tiara

Note: This is the strongest possible password

B4LIA2 01H04H 9H0FG4[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
395 73 72 864200 1670 Makou the Whale

Note: If you stay at a hotel, you will advance to level 82

1I1111 111111 111111[edit]

HP MP LV XP Gold Equipment
5 0 0 0 12740 Makou the Whale

Note: This is an impossibly weak version of the Valkyrie with no level.

STUVWX YZ0123 456789[edit]

This is an unusual password. It will not work, but you must try to enter it three times. Then the game will return to the title screen. Start a new game. You may change the settings if you like. When the game begins, your physical strength normal for your constellation choice, but your magic points will be 256 higher than usual. For example, you may have 32 HP and 320 MP, or you may have 64 HP and 288 MP. Either way, you will begin the game with all seven spells.