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The World Map

Throughout Valkyrie no Bouken, your game will progress in the following manner:

  • Explore a new region and collect important items.
  • Combat enemies for experience points and money.
  • Stay at a hotel to restore lost health and magic points.
  • Shop at a store if one is available that has necessary equipment.
  • When you're strong enough, you can advance to a new territory and repeat the cycle.

The farther you explore throughout the world, the stronger your enemies will become. It is important to take the time to fight enemies in order to gain experience points so that you will be boosted up to the next level and become strong enough to fight tougher monsters. If you are too weak, you will be unable to make much progress in the world, and complete your mission to save Marvel Land.

The Valkyrie will begin the game in the tiny continent in the south west corner of the world. After she collects the magical ship, she will be able to explore a lot more of it, including the majority of the second continent. A magical event needs to take place in order to give her access to the third continent. You can only launch your assault on Zouna's island palace from the third continent. Along the way, it will be necessary to locate key items required to beat the game from dungeons and pyramids. Even the method to access the pyramids can be a mystery that is difficult to solve.

Without any citizens of the world to provide you with any hints about what to do, where to go, or what to look for, a large part of the game may be spent exploring and experimenting with different items at different locations. If you actually know what to do throughout the game, the game can be beaten rather quickly. The latest Time Attack for this game sets the record at roughly 9 minutes, but this was only possible by manipulating the luck of the game. An average player who is very familiar with the game can probably clear it in under an hour.

Hotels and shops[edit]


Visiting hotels will be a vital component of your efforts to combat enemies and raise your level of experience. Even if you push your experience points over the next required amount, the Valkyrie will not reach the next level until she stays at a hotel. She can actually climb multiple levels of experience if she accumulates enough experience points between consecutive hotel visits. In order to receive the healing effects of the hotel, you must walk up to the bed. At that moment, you will be charged 20 gold to recharge all of your MP, and 1 gold for every HP that you need to restore until you are at full health, or you are out of money. You cannot interrupt this process and leave the hotel with partial health.

The hotel is your only chance to learn what number of experience points you need to reach in order to achieve the next level. You can also see the numerical amount of HP and MP that you currently have, as well as all of the magic spells that you currently know. The last thing you can learn in a hotel, is the 18 character password that you can write down, and enter later to resume your game. Be aware that your password only remembers whether you have collected a few essential items, and forgets the rest of your inventory. Your current XP, HP, MP, and money will also be remembered.

Sandra's Shop

Many of Sandra's Shops are located within close proximity to a hotel. Some of Sandra's Shops are actually hidden from sight. These hidden shops typically offer stronger equipment than the visible ones. You can do two things at the shop: Purchase one of the six items that Sandra has for sale, or sell of one of the items in your inventory. To purchase one of the items for sale, stand in front of the item in question and press B button. If you have enough money (and an available space in your inventory), you will exchange your money for the item. If you would like to sell one of your items, you must first stand in front of the money bag on the left end of the counter. Then pause the game using Start button or Select button. Highlight the item that you wish to sell off using Left dpad or Right dpad, and press B button to confirm that you would like to sell it. The amount that you will receive for the highlighted item will show in the register to the right of the money bag, so you can preview how much you will receive before you sell the item for good. If you decide you would not like to sell anything, simply cancel the pause by press Start or Select once more.