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Warp & Warp
Box artwork for Warp & Warp.
Japanese titleワープ&ワープ
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Multi-directional shooter
System(s)Arcade, MSX
TwitchWarp & Warp Channel
YouTube GamingWarp & Warp Channel
Warp & Warp marquee

Warp & Warp is a multi-directional shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1981. It was to be the last game from the company that used an Intel 8080 processor (running at 2.048 MHz), but was also the first game from the company to display its year on the title screen rather than the start screen (the only game released after it that did not was Genpei Tōma Den). It was also the only game from the company that was licensed to Rock-Ola for U.S. manufacture and distribution, and was later ported to the Japanese Famicom in 1985 (but was renamed Warpman). It was also ported to the MSX system under its original name.

The player must take control of a "Monster Fighter" who must shoot the tongue-sticking aliens named "Berobero" in the "Space World" without letting them touch him. If he kills three Berobero of the same colour in a row, a mystery alien will appear that can be killed for extra points. When the Warp Zone in the centre of the screen flashes, it is possible for the "Monster Fighter" to warp to the "Maze World", where the "Berobero" must be killed with time-delay bombs. The delay is controlled by how long the player holds the firing button down; but be warned, it is also possible for the "Monster Fighter" to blow himself up with his own bombs.

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