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Part 1[edit]

There is a turret on the right portion of the level. Take it out as a priority, as it can cover a large area with bullets.

To the left is a forklift that can be destroyed for a bomb.

The boss for this section is a gunslinger that walks back and forth, occasionally shooting bullets in a tight pattern. To avoid the shots, you should jump rather than roll. He may also throw sticks of dynamite as well. The boss is also supported by a enemy that approaches for a melee attack.

Part 2[edit]

This part starts with enemies holding riot shields. They will move for a few seconds before exposing themselves before they attack. The same railing will have small vehicles that will launch mortars. To destroy the vehicles, you need to first destroy the turret, and finish them off before they flee.

Near the end of this segment, a flying robot will appear. After a few seconds of hovering, it will teleport. This is then followed by a rapid attack of downward bullets.

The boss for this section is the same one found in the restaurant in Carson City. He will walk around, and stop before firing a fast moving bullet. He is also supported by the flying robot you encountered earlier.

Part 3[edit]

File:Wild Guns Ammunition Depot boss.png
Boss of the ammunition depot

This boss uses a combination of a bullet spread, but can also launch two lassos. It is also supported by cowboys that approach from the side and shoot a single bullet.

Aim for the purple ball. When it begins to take damage, it will crack, and eventually shatter to expose the core.

Once it is exposed, it will launch attacks which will rain down over a wide area. The regular spread of bullets will stop, but it may still launch the lassos.