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Diamonds Coins
Diamonds are an important part of Kuros' quest; every stage but the last requires a certain amount of diamonds be collected before the guardian knight will allow you to proceed to the stage boss. Pink diamonds add one to your collection, while red diamonds add two. Special flashing diamonds are found in secret chambers, and give you one diamond if you touch them, but two diamonds if you collect them with a dagger or throwing axe.
Collect coins strictly for points, as they serve no other purpose in the game. Coins are usually left behind by defeated monsters, but they may also appear by hitting acorns or torches with daggers or throwing axes. Small coins are worth 200 points, while large coins are worth 1000.
Alarm Clock Egg Bomb
By touching the flashing alarm clock, you will freeze time for all of the enemies on the screen for approximately three seconds. While the frozen enemies will be easier to attack or avoid, they can still harm you if you run into them. The background music changes while the time freeze is in effect, and a whistle blows just before the effect comes to an end.
Grabbing the flashing egg causes all enemies on the screen to suddenly be destroyed. It can even destroy some enemies that can't be destroyed otherwise. Don't rest easy for too long, however, as more enemies will replace those removed rather quickly.
Meat Daggers & Axes
Other than clearing a stage and starting the next one with a full health meter, collecting meat is the only way to restore lost health. For each piece of meat that you grab, you will restore two bars of health to your meter.
After you collect the Dagger of Throwing, or the Battle Axe of Agor, you can collect these items to extend the range that you throw your secondary weapon. Both weapons max out after you collect three items. However, only the axes can be upgraded to allow you to throw two at a time by collecting a fourth axe.
Pink Potion Blue Potion
After drinking the pink potion, Kuros will turn pink for approximately fifteen seconds. During this time, Kuros will be able to jump much higher in the air than he normally can, allowing him to reach platforms at new heights.
Drinking th blue potion will turn Kuros blue for roughly fifteen seconds. While the effects of the blue potion last, Kuros can run faster than he normally can, and leap farther ahead than normal. Use this potion to access areas that you normally can't leap to.
Red Potion Keys
The red potion can literally save Kuros' life. Drinking it will turn him red, and render him invincible to all forms of damage and enemy attack for fifteen seconds. He can crash into all of the enemies that are in his way without worry.
In order to open any treasure chest, and some doors, Kuros must have the correct key which corresponds to one of three colors. Finding these keys are an important task of Kuros' quest.

Permanent Equipment[edit]

Dagger of Throwing Battle Axe of Agor
Once obtained, Kuros can throw daggers ahead of him in whatever direction he is facing. These daggers fly forward before looping back around and returning to Kuros like a boomerang. They can be used to attack enemies, but they can also be used to collect items from suspended objects such as acorns and torches.
If found, Kuros can switch from the Dagger of Throwing to the Battle Axe of Agor. At first, it may not appear to behave any differently, but it does twice as much damage as the daggers. Additionally, if you manage to find a fourth axe upgrade, you can throw two axes out at a time.
Shield of Protection Potion of Levitation
Despite Kuros' heavy armor, he is still quite vulnerable to the flames and projectiles spit at him by enemies. If he finds the Shield of Protection, he can at least repel those projectiles, but only if he is facing them when they strke; the shield does not protect his back.
Some platforms can only be reached if Kuros drinks a Pink Potion. However, with the Potion of Levitation, you can hold Up dpad and make Kuros float off the ground. Then you can jump from this suspended position to reach the higher platforms that are regularly out of reach.
Feather of Feather Fall
This well hidden item is worth the effort to find. It permits Kuros to fall to the ground below at a greatly reduced speed. To do this, hold Up dpad while Kuro is falling. His descent will slow, and you can still guide him to the left or right as he falls.

Changeable Equipment[edit]

Boots of Force Wand of Wonder
The Boots of Force function both as a tool and as a weapon. You can stand in front of a chest and press Select button to kick it open. You can also kick enemies, including many bosses, doing three damage per kick!
The Wand of Wonder shoots out a beam of spinning projectiles that have the ability to freeze an enemy in place. The enemy will only remain frozen temporarily before resuming its attack, and you can't use the frozen enemy as a platform. Against most bosses it is quite weak, doing only one bar of damage, but one particular boss has a special weakness to this weapon.
Cloak of Darkness Boots of Lava Walk
Once obtained, press Select button to activate the cloak and render Kuros invisible. However, the visual effect is only cosmetic, and enemies still home in on you. The cloak also reduces all damage from all non-boss enemies to one life, but almost no non-boss enemies do more than 1 damage. Kuros will be surrounded by a flashing aura that helps you see him. The effect of the cloak will wear off if left on for too long, but can be immediately reactivated.
Donning the Boots of Lava Walk allows Kuros to stand on the firespouts in the lava caverns. Counterintuitively, the boots have no effect on the damage received when walking on the lava floors at the bottom of the caverns.
Horn Staff of Power
The Horn may seem like any other object, but its an excellent tool for treasure hunters. When used in the vicinity of a hidden secret chamber entrance, the door will illuminate and you can see where it is. If no such entrance is available, the Horn appears to do nothing. Use it to seek out more sources of diamonds.
The Staff of Power is a formidable weapon which can put a warrior such as Kuros on equal footing with the greatest mages in the land. It fires a set of four projectiles which fan out and do two units of damage to any enemies that it strikes.