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Effective Leveling[edit]

If you are new to World of Warcaft do not use hacks! If you are caught cheating or hacking in anyway you will get banned from the game. Just ignore the people who tell you to use them. They are a waste of money and they are trying to get into your account name and password. So just play the game like the way you are supposed to.

Rest Credit[edit]

When your character is rested you will get a 200% experience bonus for killing monsters.

While in a city or inn you will get rest credit at 4 times the rate as elsewhere. The maximum rest credit you can accumulate is one and a half levels worth.

Note that this 200% bonus is not applied to experience received from quests. When a quest is completed while in a rested state, the normal experience is acquired and the rest state is pushed back to allow an equal amount of rested state. There is also a limit of the experience that Rest Credit will go up to.


You will level faster if you do the quests. In you quest log (L), you will see a list of the quests you have.

The quests in the list will be shown in one of four colors depending on your level and the quest level:

  • Red: This is an almost impossible or impossible quest for you. Level up or do in a group.
  • Orange: This will be hard but doable solo and it will get you the most experience when complete.
  • Yellow: This quest should be moderately easy for you.
  • Green: This quest should be very easy, but will not get you much experience.
  • Grey: This quest will give you no experience at all. Skip it unless you think it is fun.

Some quests are Elite. Elite quests are meant to be done by groups. They are often very hard to solo.

Note that most quests must be done solo, or in a small group (5 players only) and are not doable while in a raid group. Other quests require a raid into an instance. Some quests, such as the hunter and priest epic quests, require the player to be solo. No outside interference can be involved. Remember, all quest will give you respect.

Time Management[edit]

Try to do several quests at a time, for example while collecting Plainstrider Beaks and then Zhevra Hooves in the Barrens you can also be collecting Raptor heads. Many times while doing low-level quests, it is possible to pick up several quests all in the same general location to speed up questing.