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With 2 Millennium Items in their possession, Yugi, Jounouchi and the player prepare to head to Europe. On the World Map, select the new location on the left of the screen - Italy.

Head down the stairs, to find Bonez. Accept his duel. Advance through the conversation and speak to Bonez again. Follow him to the right, and then into the chamber, for a surprise encounter with the Ominous Person In Black.

Beat him, for the Millennium Ring, and a brief encounter with Bakura, then go all the way back to Domino Plaza, for another conversation, with Ishizu, to open up a new location: China.

Talk to the monk, head right, talk to the monk there, and then go back to the first screen, to challenge the monk to a duel. The monk is actually Para. After defeating him you will receive a Labyrinth Wall.

Dox back-flips across the screen, and Seto and Mokuba randomly show up, in time for a convenient "TAG DUEL", which is in fact a completely regular duel, in every respect. The prize for your efforts is the Gate Guardian and a cut-scene which explains the 'tag' element (Seto calling a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to completely destroy the other twin). The twins both run away, and Seto leaves, allowing you to walk 2 screens to the right, for a SHOCKING encounter with Ominous Guy In Black.

Beat him, for the Millennium Eye, and another encounter with Pegasus. After that, leave China, and.. You know what? I'm going to let you guess what to do next - I think your ready for it.

Listen to Isis, Seto, Tristan, and Serenity before heading to the Kaiba Corp building (bottom-right of Domino Plaza), for a cut-scene recapping the events of the Noa's Arc anime series. Challenge (and beat) Jinzo, and the Big Five will turn into the great big, Five-Headed Dragon thing, from the Kaiba Virtual World episodes of the anime series. This leads to some Seto Kaiba Cosplay Action (c)2003 Kaiba Corp. After the stage show, talk to Ishizu, to open up a new location: Canada

Once you get to Canada go into the cave for a meeting with Rex Raptor. This is followed by a duel.

Deal with Rex, and walk right, and encounter the Ominous Person In Black. Duel him and you will see Marik.

Leave the cave, and talk to Ishizu again. Ishizu opens the Galapagos - a group of remote islands, located one screen to the left of Ishizu. When you get there, talk to Mako, choose the top option (for some reason), head left, and straight past Weevil.

Yami steals the Millennium Scales before your very eyes, and tries to make his escape. Yugi and Jounouchi corner him, forcing him to unveil that he's actually the guy in Duelist Kingdom, who disguised himself as the 'zombie' Seto Kaiba. Duel the shape-shifter and receive the Millennium Scales, and a visit from Shadi. Leave to speak with Ishizu and head to Kaiba Corp. Talk to Seto, and head back towards Ishizu.