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Animal Biome Cost Conservation Status
African Elephant Savannah $20,000 Endangered
American Beaver Wetlands $10,000 Vulnerable
Bengal Tiger Tropical Rainforest $15,000 Endangered
Black Rhinoceros Savannah $10,000 Critically Endangered
Cheetah Savannah $7,500 Vulnerable
Chimpanzee Tropical Rainforest $15,000 Endangered
Common Peafowl Temperate Forest $1,250 Low Risk
Common Zebra Savannah $3,000 Low Risk
Dromedary Camel Desert $1,250 Low Risk
Emperor Penguin Tundra $2,000 Low Risk
Gemsbok Scrub $2,000 Low Risk
Giant Panda Temperate Forest $50,000 Endangered
Greater Flamingo Wetlands $2,000 Low Risk
Grizzly Bear Boreal Forest $15,000 Endangered
Hippopotamus Wetlands $7,500 Vulnerable
Ibex Alpine $3,000 Vulnerable
Jaguar Tropical Rainforest $5,500 Low Risk
Lion Savannah $7,500 Vulnerable
Moose Boreal Forest $1,250 Low Risk
Mountain Gorilla Tropical Rainforest $20,000 Endangered
Nile Crocodile Wetlands $3,000 Low Risk
Okapi Tropical Rainforest $5,500 Low Risk
Ostrich Savannah $5,500 Low Risk
Polar Bear Tundra $10,000 Low Risk
Red Kangaroo Scrub $3,000 Low Risk
Reticulated Giraffe Savannah $7,500 Low Risk
Red Panda Temperate Forest $20,000 Endangered
Ring-Tailed Lemur Tropical Rainforest $10,000 Vulnerable
Snow Leopard Alpine $20,000 Endangered
Thomson's Gazelle Savannah $1,250 Low Risk

Bonus Animals[edit]

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Animal Biome Cost Conservation Status
Addax Desert $5,500 Critically Endangered
Asian Elephant Scrub $15,000 Endangered
Black Leopard Tropical Rainforest $10,000 Low Risk
Musk Ox Tundra $1,500 Low Risk