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Animal Biome Cost Conservation Status
Aardvark Scrub $10,000 Low Risk
African Buffalo Wetlands $1,250 Low Risk
African Spurred Tortoise Desert $2,000 Vulnerable
Barbary Ape Temperate Forest $7,500 Vulnerable
Bongo Tropical Rainforest $1,250 Low Risk
Caracal Scrub $35,000 Low Risk
Ethiopian Wolf Alpine $45,000 Critically Endangered
Gelada Alpine $15,000 Low Risk
Gerenuk Scrub $5,500 Low Risk
Mandrill Tropical Rainforest $35,000 Vulnerable
Masai Giraffe Savannah $2,000 Low Risk
Meerkat Scrub $15,000 Low Risk
Nile Monitor Wetlands $3,000 Low Risk
Pygmy Hippopotamus Tropical Rainforest $20,000 Critically Endangered
Ratel Grassland $5,500 Low Risk
Secretary Bird Grassland $10,000 Low Risk
Striped Hyena Desert $20,000 Low Risk
Warthog Savannah $10,000 Low Risk
White Rhinoceros Scrub $7,500 Low Risk
Wildebeest Savannah $3,000 Low Risk