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Level 4 is accessed with the password BZZY.

Floor 4-1[edit]

Map of floor 4-1.

Pin the Don Medusas within the corners.

Floor 4-2[edit]

Map of floor 4-2.

Get the lower hearts, and egg one of the Snakeys at the top.

While a faster route to the center is pushing the egg to the side, a safer route is pushing it downward. Get the two hearts within the eyes,

Floor 4-3[edit]

Map of floor 4-3.

Move the center framer to the left, and the left framer to the right and up one tile. Get the heart.

Move the middle framer up one tile and slip past the Gol at the bottom. When you reach the right. move the upper and lower framers to the right, the middle framer up or down, and push the lower framer against the medusa. Push the last framer to the left, and get the chest.

To exit the level, push the left framer to the top.

Floor 4-4[edit]

Map of floor 4-4.

Push the framer to the right, against the tree, and get the lower-right heart. Next, push it up, just above and left of the heart (which you collect). Pin the Don Medusa against the top-right corner, and get the third heart. Build a bridge across.

When you get the last heart, shoot the Gol to the right, and get the chest.

Floor 4-5[edit]

Map of floor 4-5.

On the right, push the left framer to block the medusa and get the heart. Shoot one Snakey and push it below the medusa, and grab the middle heart. Shoot the other snakey on the right, and push it below the other medusa. Get the heart on the left by pushing the right framer up two tiles.