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Kratos' Marble Collection
Kratos' Marble Collection
Collect all the Gorgon Eyes

Gorgon Eyes are collectables found in chests throughout the game required to increase the health bar. The health bar increases with every six collected, making up a total of eighteen for a fully-maxed health bar. While only eighteen Gorgon Eyes are required, there are much more chances to collect Gorgon Eyes after the first eighteen. The following list includes only the first eighteen.

  1. Aegean Sea: After sliding down a rope from one ship to the other, you'll be facing three breakable walls. The one in the center leads to the main path, while the Gorgon Eye is behind one of the walls on either side of it.
  2. Aegean Sea: In plain sight, on the path after the Hydra boss fight.
  3. Gates of Athens: In the room before the first battle against Medusa, break the wooden boxes supporting some of the columns, then jump onto the taller column to the right. A ledge with two chests should become visible.
  4. Gates of Athens: After using the machinery to break through the door, move forward through the newly-opened path, and take the ladder to the left down.
  5. Road to Athens: In the second floor of the fourth house on the right.
  6. Road to Athens: In the ninth house on the left.
  7. Athens Town Square: In the room after the Cyclops fight, behind a breakable wall.
  8. Athens Town Square: While chasing the woman with the key, you'll eventually reach a balcony. Instead of jumping straight ahead, across to the next balcony, jump a bit to the left for Kratos to land on a ledge. Continue left from here, until Kratos' back is opposite a building. Double jump back to the building and break the wall here for the eighth Gorgon Eye.
  9. Rooftops of Athens: Find a breakable wooden door in the room where you battle the wraiths.
  10. Rooftops of Athens: After obtaining Zeus' Fury and killing the undead archers, go into the newly-opened room. Break a wall here for a chest.
  11. Rooftops of Athens: Hit the room with the save point, climb up the ladder, and then climb up the second ladder to the right to find some chests at the top.
  12. Rooftops of Athens: When you get to the point where you have to climb up some vines to reach the cowardly soldier, instead of taking that path immediately, turn to the left of the vines at the edge of the rooftop and (if the bit of breakable wall here isn't broken, break it) jump down a bit to the left to land on a ledge with a chest containing the twelfth Gorgon Eye.
  13. Rooftops of Athens: Eventually, you'll reach the passage leading forward with two chests on either side of it. One of these contains the thirteenth Gorgon Eye.
  14. Temple of the Oracle: Right after the Rooftops chapter (following the scene in which the Oracle is kidnapped), cross over the broken bridge where you fought the Cyclops and, to the right and below the save point, you should see a ledge with the chests. Get to them by dropping down onto the ledge with the save point so Kratos is hanging from it, then make your way to the chests.
  15. Temple of the Oracle: To the right of the temple entrance.
  16. Temple of the Oracle: From the entrance of the temple, stay close to the wall on the left for the camera to reveal the chest containing the sixteenth Gorgon Eye.
  17. Temple of the Oracle: While balancing on the beams after the Harpy ordeal, you should see a window with a ledge beneath it. Jump over to the ledge and break the window for the seventeenth Gorgon Eye.
  18. Temple of the Oracle: After rescuing the Oracle, head to the wall to the right and find a breakable wall. Get through it to obtain the eighteenth and final Gorgon Eye.