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Colton White[edit]

Colton White grew up in the wilderness of the Wild West, learning the ways of the Mountain Man from his father, Ned, who taught young Colton how to trap, ride horses and shoot game. As the two of them journey the territory together, they encounter a steamboat, and Colton's life will never be the same. Colton is driven on a quest to discover who he is. In the process, he ends up learning a lot more about himself, Ned and all the people he meets on his journey. Colton will work inside and outside the law, doing anything it takes to get the answers he's looking for.


When her mother passed away, Jenny assumed the role as hostess of Dodge City's bustling brothel, "The Alhambra," and became renowned for her stunning beauty and caustic wit. Jenny is equal parts charm and attitude, but she also knows how to use a shotgun when necessary. When Jenny meets Colton and learns why he has come to Dodge to find her, she joins Colton on his quest to get some answers for herself.

Thomas Magruder[edit]

Thomas Magruder served for the "other side" in the Civil war, eventually relocating to the West before the Confederacy fell completely to the Union. Out West, he used his considerable power and authority to make himself into a mining and railroad magnate and roams his holdings in the New Mexico territory in the custom cars of his gilded "Black Train". He exudes arrogance but stikes fear into the hearts of those around him. Much like Colton, Magruder is on a quest of his own that has consumed him since the war. He's determined to complete this quest, no matter who or what gets in his way.

Hoodoo Brown[edit]

He's the mayor, justice of the peace and coroner of the territory's bustling centerpiece city: Empire, New Mexico. Hoodoo runs his town like a king, basking in his notoriety and enforcing the "law" as he sees fit. His deputies enforce his will, making sure any "troublemakers" meet their fate at the end of a very short rope.


More monster than man according to some, Hollister disappeared mysteriously during the Civil War. Rumor has it his tactics were so brutal, generals feared him and his men. He recently reappeared as the scarred commander of a renegade fort somewhere in the northern country.