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Part-time Jobs[edit]

There are six part-time jobs available. You can begin taking part-time jobs on April 23, and access them by visiting the Town Bulletin Board in the Central Shopping District. Spending time doing a part-time job ensures you will earn a little extra money, develops a stat, and in some cases develop S. Links. Generally, it is far more to your advantage to invest time in the three jobs that develop S. Links than it is to invest time in the three jobs that only advance stats. All of the jobs are evening activities, except for Temperance, which is Daytime. Note that the base pay rates listed here increase as the job's required stat goes up. You'll earn more money for the Hospital Janitor job as you become more Diligent.

Job Obtainable Where Status Level Required Status Increase Payment S.Link
Envelope Constructor April 23 Work Table at home N/A Diligence 1000 Yen N/A
Origami Crane Folder April 23 Work Table at home Diligence: Persistent Understanding Volunteer Work N/A
Translator April 23 Work Table at home Knowledge: Informed Expression 1000 Yen N/A
Assistant Day Care Caretaker April 23 MFSat... Bus Stop N/A Understanding 4000 Yen Temperance
Hospital Janitor May 25 WThF... Bus Stop Diligence: Strong Courage 5000 Yen Devil
Tutor May 25 TThSat... Bus Stop Understanding: Saintly Expression & Knowledge 10000 Yen The Tower