Soul Blazer/Controls

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Control Use
Neutral Dpad Move left, right, up, or down.
B Button Use weapon
L Button or R Button Block. Use Neutral Dpad to strafe.
Y Button Unused
A Button Pause game, display stats window. Press again (or press Y Button, B Button, or Neutral Dpad in any direction) to view Souls window. Press any of those buttons to close the window and resume the game.
Start Button Pause game, display room name and remaining monster lairs.
X Button or Select Button Pause game and display equipment menu. On the menu, use Neutral Dpad to navigate. With a category selected, press B Button to move to the selection area. Use Neutral Dpad to highlight an item or empty square if you don't want something equipped. Press Y Button or B Button to complete the selection. From the categories, press Y Button to close the menu.