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Help Where Do I Begin[edit]

Read up about Template:File (and here if you need more help) and how to use it. Then, find new high-quality box art for the games below and update the image. Additionally, add File to the file making sure the source is listed in the |source= parameter. Unsure where to start finding covers? Try here: Box art:


Some type-specific sources:

Avoid using FANDOM or Wikimedia sources, for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, do NOT use images from any illegal ROM sites. If you cannot locate an image or otherwise feel like something isn't going right, leave the file alone and try another one. Thank you for all your help!

Boxart without File[edit]

Total: 4205

  1. A Ressha de Ikou Famicom box.jpg (edit)
  2. A Vampyre Story box artwork.jpg (edit)
  3. AI Igo DS Boxart.jpg (edit)
  4. AIM Racing box artwork.jpg (edit)
  5. AKingdomForKeflings BoxArt.jpg (edit)
  6. AMAC box.jpg (edit)
  7. AOA Coverart.jpg (edit)
  8. AOF3-Cover.jpg (edit)
  9. ARMA cover.jpg (edit)
  10. ASO FC box.jpg (edit)
  11. Aa boxart.jpg (edit)
  12. Abadox box artwork.jpg (edit)
  13. Abandoned Places Backcover.jpg (edit)
  14. Abandoned Places Frontcover.jpg (edit)
  15. Abe'sOddyseeBoxart.jpg (edit)
  16. Ace Combat 1995 JP cover.jpg (edit)
  17. Ace Combat 1995 JP rear.jpg (edit)
  18. Ace Combat 4 Box.jpg (edit)
  19. Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation boxart.jpg (edit)
  20. Ace Combat Assault Horizon box.jpg (edit)
  21. Ace of Aces EU SMS box.jpg (edit)
  22. Ace of Aces SA SMS box.jpg (edit)
  23. Ace of Aces box.jpg (edit)
  24. ActRaiser 2 coverJ.jpg (edit)
  25. Action 52 NES box.jpg (edit)
  26. Action Man - Robot Atak box.jpg (edit)
  27. Addams Family Values box.jpg (edit)
  28. Adventure of Lolo boxart.jpg (edit)
  29. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom cover.jpg (edit)
  30. Adventures of Pinocchio wii cover.jpg (edit)
  31. Adventures to go box artwork.jpg (edit)
  32. Aero Fighters Assault Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  33. Aero the Acro-Bat 2 snes cover.jpg (edit)
  34. Aero the Acro-Bat GBA box.jpg (edit)
  35. AeroGauge Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  36. Afro Samurai image.jpg (edit)
  37. Age of Adventure atari disk.jpg (edit)
  38. Age of Empires II - The Conquerors box.jpg (edit)
  39. Age of Empires III.jpg (edit)
  40. Age of Mythology Titans eu cover.jpg (edit)
  41. Age of Mythology box.jpg (edit)
  42. Age of Wonders cover.jpg (edit)
  43. Aigina no Yogen FC box.jpg (edit)
  44. Air Combat 1995 platinum cover.jpg (edit)
  45. Air Fortress FC box.jpg (edit)
  46. Air Fortress NES box.jpg (edit)
  47. Air-Sea Battle 2600 box.jpg (edit)
  48. Akalabeth cover2.jpg (edit)
  49. Alcahest box.jpg (edit)
  50. Alfred Chicken cd32 cover.jpg (edit)
  51. Alfred Chicken ps cover.jpg (edit)
  52. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves box back.jpg (edit)
  53. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves box.jpg (edit)
  54. Alien 1982 Boxart.jpg (edit)
  55. Alien Breed cover.jpg (edit)
  56. Alien Garden back cover.jpg (edit)
  57. Alien Garden cover.jpg (edit)
  58. Alien Resurrection cover.jpg (edit)
  59. Alien Syndrome (2007) box.jpg (edit)
  60. Alien vs Predator Jaguar.jpg (edit)
  61. AlienIso - NostromoPS4Cover.jpg (edit)
  62. AlienSwarmLogo.jpg (edit)
  63. Aliens Thanatos Encounter box.jpg (edit)
  64. Aliens cover.jpg (edit)
  65. Aliens versus Predator - Extinction box.jpg (edit)
  66. Aliens versus Predator 2 - Primal Hunt box.jpg (edit)
  67. Aliens versus Predator PC box.jpg (edit)
  68. Aliens vs. Predator box artwork.jpg (edit)
  69. Aliens- A Comic Book Adventure box art.jpg (edit)
  70. All Star Tennis 99 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  71. Allegiance Coverart.jpg (edit)
  72. Alternative World Games C64 box.jpg (edit)
  73. America OUQ Famicom box front.jpg (edit)
  74. America OUQ Famicom box rear.jpg (edit)
  75. American Conquest FB cover.jpg (edit)
  76. American McGee's Alice cardhand cover.jpg (edit)
  77. American McGee's Alice icewand cover.jpg (edit)
  78. AmericanMcGeesAlice.jpg (edit)
  79. Amnesia PSP LE box art.jpg (edit)
  80. Amnesia PSP box art.jpg (edit)
  81. Amnesia The Dark Descent Cover.jpg (edit)
  82. Amplitude Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  83. AnachronoxBoxArt.jpg (edit)
  84. Ancient Ys Vanished MSX2 box front.jpg (edit)
  85. Andromeda Conquest AppleII 48K box.jpg (edit)
  86. Andromeda Conquest Commodore64 box.jpg (edit)
  87. Andromeda Conquest CommodorePET box.jpg (edit)
  88. Andromeda Conquest cassette box.jpg (edit)
  89. Andromeda Conquest cover.jpg (edit)
  90. Animal Paradise Cover.jpg (edit)
  91. Ankoku Shinwa box front.jpg (edit)
  92. Anno1404 Cover.jpg (edit)
  93. Antarctic Adventure COL box.jpg (edit)
  94. Antarctic Adventure MSX box.jpg (edit)
  95. Anthem cover.jpg (edit)
  96. Anvil of Dawn PC box.jpg (edit)
  97. AoE RoR box.jpg (edit)
  98. Apache box art front.jpg (edit)
  99. Apache box art rear.jpg (edit)
  100. Apache cover art.jpg (edit)
  101. Appare Gateball PCE box.jpg (edit)
  102. Apprentice cover.jpg (edit)
  103. Arabian Nights C64 box.jpg (edit)
  104. Aragami cover.jpg (edit)
  105. Arcade Smash Hits box.jpg (edit)
  106. Arcana Heart us cover.jpg (edit)
  107. Arcania Gothic 4 Boxart.jpg (edit)
  108. Arch Rivals genesis box front.jpg (edit)
  109. Arch Rivals genesis box rear.jpg (edit)
  110. Arctic box front.jpg (edit)
  111. Arctic box rear.jpg (edit)
  112. Arcus Odyssey box.jpg (edit)
  113. Are You Alice box artwork.jpg (edit)
  114. Arkista's Ring box front.jpg (edit)
  115. Arkista's Ring box rear.jpg (edit)
  116. Armada 2526 cover.jpg (edit)
  117. Armadillo box front.jpg (edit)
  118. Armor Assault box rear.jpg (edit)
  119. Armor Assault box.jpg (edit)
  120. Armorines Project Swarm Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  121. Army Men cover.jpg (edit)
  122. Artelius FC box.jpg (edit)
  123. Arx Fatalis box.jpg (edit)
  124. Asheron's Call Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  125. Asmik-kun Land box front.jpg (edit)
  126. Asmik-kun World 2 box front.jpg (edit)
  127. Asterix (Infogrames) box.jpg (edit)
  128. Asterix (Sega) box.jpg (edit)
  129. AstroWarrior cover.jpg (edit)
  130. AstroWarrior-HangOn cover.jpg (edit)
  131. At the Carnival cover.jpg (edit)
  132. Atom zombie smasher cover.jpg (edit)
  133. Attack Animal Gakuen FC box.jpg (edit)
  134. Audition Boxart.jpg (edit)
  135. Austin Powers - Oh, Behave! cover.jpg (edit)
  136. Auto-Upturn box front.jpg (edit)
  137. Auto-Upturn box rear.jpg (edit)
  138. Automobili Lamborghini Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  139. AvP Last of his Clan jp cover.jpg (edit)
  140. AvalonCode jpcover.jpg (edit)
  141. AvalonCode nacover.jpg (edit)
  142. Awesome Pea cover.jpg (edit)
  143. Ax Battler box.jpg (edit)
  144. BIPlatinumBox.jpg (edit)
  145. BKnutsandboltsbox.jpg (edit)
  146. BNJ 2600 box.jpg (edit)
  147. BNJ COL box.jpg (edit)
  148. BNJ INTV box.jpg (edit)
  149. Bad Apple Wars box artwork LE.jpg (edit)
  150. Bad Apple Wars box artwork.jpg (edit)
  151. Bad Company cover.jpg (edit)
  152. Bajo Pilot cover.jpg (edit)
  153. Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou FC box.jpg (edit)
  154. Baldur's Gate cover.jpg (edit)
  155. Balloon Fight ERD box.jpg (edit)
  156. Ballz box.jpg (edit)
  157. Banana FC box.jpg (edit)
  158. Barbarain II cover art.jpg (edit)
  159. Barnyard Blaster 7800 box.jpg (edit)
  160. Barnyard Blaster XE box.jpg (edit)
  161. Base Wars cover.jpg (edit)
  162. Bastion cover art.jpg (edit)
  163. Batman Arkham City box.jpg (edit)
  164. Batman Chaos in Gotham cover.jpg (edit)
  165. Batman Returns gg cover.jpg (edit)
  166. Batman Returns sms cover.jpg (edit)
  167. Batman msx cover.jpg (edit)
  168. Battle City GB box.jpg (edit)
  169. Battle Stadium DON.jpg (edit)
  170. BattleForge cover.jpg (edit)
  171. BattleIsleBox.jpg (edit)
  172. Battlefield 3 box.jpg (edit)
  173. Battlefield- Bad Company Cover Art.jpg (edit)
  174. Battlezone appleII cover.jpg (edit)
  175. Beat Cop cover.jpg (edit)
  176. BeforeCrisis FF7 logo.jpg (edit)
  177. BeneathSteelSky amigacover.jpg (edit)
  178. BeneathSteelSky cover.jpg (edit)
  179. BeneathSteelSky newcover.jpg (edit)
  180. Best Play Pro Yakyuu FC box.jpg (edit)
  181. Beyond Zork box art.jpg (edit)
  182. Bible Adventures box art.jpg (edit)
  183. Big Challenge Dogfight Spirit FDS box.jpg (edit)
  184. Big Challenge! Gun Fighter FDS box.jpg (edit)
  185. Big Challenge! Judo Senshuken FDS box.jpg (edit)
  186. Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa FC box.jpg (edit)
  187. Bionicle Heroes Wii.jpg (edit)
  188. Bionicle- Matoran Adventures cover.jpg (edit)
  189. Bionicle- Maze of Shadows cover.jpg (edit)
  190. Bionicle- The Game GC NA box.jpg (edit)
  191. Black cover art.jpg (edit)
  192. Blade Dancer Boxart.jpg (edit)
  193. Blades of Steel C64 box.jpg (edit)
  194. Blazing dragons box.jpg (edit)
  195. Bleeding Edge cover.jpg (edit)
  196. Block Set FC box.jpg (edit)
  197. Blood Waves cover.jpg (edit)
  198. Bloodroots cover.jpg (edit)
  199. BloodstainedCOTMBox.jpg (edit)
  200. Blue Max cover.jpg (edit)
  201. Blur cover.jpg (edit)
  202. BoP ataricover.jpg (edit)
  203. Bokosuka Wars MSX box.jpg (edit)
  204. Bokosuka Wars PC98 box.jpg (edit)
  205. Boogerman genesis box front.png (edit)
  206. Boogie boxart.jpg (edit)
  207. Boomer's Adventure box front.jpg (edit)
  208. Box KOF94 ReBout.jpg (edit)
  209. BoxArtLolo2J.jpg (edit)
  210. BoxArtLolo3(US).jpg (edit)
  211. Boxyboy TG16 box.jpg (edit)
  212. Brain Lord box Japan.jpg (edit)
  213. Brain Lord box.jpg (edit)
  214. Brian Jacks Uchi Mata cover.jpg (edit)
  215. Brink cover.jpg (edit)
  216. Brother Bear Cover.jpg (edit)
  217. Brothers- A Tale of Two Sons cover.jpg (edit)
  218. BruceLee ataricover.jpg (edit)
  219. BruceLee c64cover.jpg (edit)
  220. BruceLee spectrumcover.jpg (edit)
  221. Brutal Legend cover.jpg (edit)
  222. BttF PII&III cover.jpg (edit)
  223. Bugdom EU box.jpg (edit)
  224. Bugdom UK box.jpg (edit)
  225. Bugdom cover.jpg (edit)
  226. Buggy Boy cover.jpg (edit)
  227. Bully Scholarship Cover.png (edit)
  228. Bully cover.jpg (edit)
  229. Bungeling Bay C64 box.jpg (edit)
  230. Bunnyz Cover.jpg (edit)
  231. Burnout 2.jpg (edit)
  232. Burnout 3 boxart.jpg (edit)
  233. Burnout Paradise cover art.jpg (edit)
  234. Burnout Revenge cover.jpg (edit)
  235. CCL GBA box.jpg (edit)
  236. CCL JP box.jpg (edit)
  237. CCL US box.jpg (edit)
  238. CCL eReader.jpg (edit)
  239. CFJ PS2 EU box.jpg (edit)
  240. CIV5 BOX.jpg (edit)
  241. CIV5 GK box.jpg (edit)
  242. Call of Duty Mobile cover.jpg (edit)
  243. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cover.png (edit)
  244. Call of Duty Online cover.jpg (edit)
  245. Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare cover.jpg (edit)
  246. Call of Duty- Black Ops- Declassified cover.jpg (edit)
  247. Call of Duty- Finest Hour cover.jpg (edit)
  248. Call of Duty- Heroes cover.jpg (edit)
  249. Call of Duty- Strike Team Cover.jpg (edit)
  250. Call of Duty- WWII cover.jpg (edit)
  251. Call to Power II cover.jpg (edit)
  252. Call to Power cover.jpg (edit)
  253. CannonFodder 3docover.jpg (edit)
  254. CannonFodder amigacdcover.jpg (edit)
  255. CannonFodder amigacover.jpg (edit)
  256. CannonFodder ataristcover.jpg (edit)
  257. CannonFodder gbccover.jpg (edit)
  258. CannonFodder smdcover.jpg (edit)
  259. CannonFodder snescover.jpg (edit)
  260. Capcom Classics Collection PS2 European box.jpg (edit)
  261. Capcom Classics Collection PSP Japanese box.jpg (edit)
  262. Capcom Classics Collection Remixed PSP box.jpg (edit)
  263. Capcom Classics Collection Xbox NTSC box.jpg (edit)
  264. Capcom Classics Mini Mix box.jpg (edit)
  265. Capcom vs. SNK 2 GC box.jpg (edit)
  266. Cartoon Network- Punch Time Explosion 3DS NA box.jpg (edit)
  267. Castle Crashers cover.jpg (edit)
  268. Castle Excellent FC box.jpg (edit)
  269. Castle Excellent MSX box.jpg (edit)
  270. Castle of the Winds 1 box.jpg (edit)
  271. CastleWolfenstein cover.jpg (edit)
  272. Castlevania Order of Ecclesia boxart jp.jpg (edit)
  273. Castlevania- The Adventure ReBirth cover.jpg (edit)
  274. Catz Cover.jpg (edit)
  275. Catz PC cover.jpg (edit)
  276. Cave Noire.jpg (edit)
  277. Cel Damage GameCube cover.jpg (edit)
  278. Cel Damage PS2 front cover.jpg (edit)
  279. Cel Damage Xbox disc.png (edit)
  280. Centipede 800 box.jpg (edit)
  281. Centipede AP2 box.jpg (edit)
  282. Centipede C64 box.jpg (edit)
  283. Centipede COL box.jpg (edit)
  284. Centipede INTV box.jpg (edit)
  285. Centipede PC box.jpg (edit)
  286. Centipede TI99 box.jpg (edit)
  287. Centipede VIC20 box.jpg (edit)
  288. Chack'n Pop 6001 box.jpg (edit)
  289. Chack'n Pop FC box.jpg (edit)
  290. Championship Manager 2 cover.jpg (edit)
  291. Championship Manager 4 cover.png (edit)
  292. Championship Manager 93 box.jpg (edit)
  293. Championship Pro-Am cover.jpg (edit)
  294. ChaosLegionBoxArt.jpg (edit)
  295. Chester Field box artwork.jpg (edit)
  296. Chew Man Fu NA Cover box.jpg (edit)
  297. ChibiRobo!BoxArt.jpg (edit)
  298. Chikyuu Senshi Rayieza PC88 box.jpg (edit)
  299. Children of Morta cover.jpg (edit)
  300. China Warrior TG16 cover.jpg (edit)
  301. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 cover.jpg (edit)
  302. Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2 logo.png (edit)
  303. Chip's Challenge dos cover.jpg (edit)
  304. Chip's Challenge lynx cover.jpg (edit)
  305. Cho Wakusei Senki Metafight FC box.jpg (edit)
  306. Choplifter SMS box.jpg (edit)
  307. Choplifter! A800 box.jpg (edit)
  308. Choplifter! AP2 box.jpg (edit)
  309. Choplifter! C64 EU box.jpg (edit)
  310. Choplifter! C64 US box.jpg (edit)
  311. Choplifter! COL box.jpg (edit)
  312. Choplifter! FM7 box.jpg (edit)
  313. Choplifter! MSX box.jpg (edit)
  314. Choplifter! XEGS box.jpg (edit)
  315. Circus Charlie C64 box.jpg (edit)
  316. Circus Charlie FC box.jpg (edit)
  317. Circus Charlie MSX box.jpg (edit)
  318. City Connection FC box.jpg (edit)
  319. City Connection MSX box.jpg (edit)
  320. City Connection PC box.jpg (edit)
  321. City Connection PC case.jpg (edit)
  322. CityofHeroesBoxArt.jpg (edit)
  323. Civilization 2 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  324. Civilization 3 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  325. Civilization 4 Warlords Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  326. Civilization Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  327. Civilization II CiC cover.jpg (edit)
  328. Civilization II FW cover.jpg (edit)
  329. Civilization III Play the World cover.jpg (edit)
  330. Civilization IV BtS cover.jpg (edit)
  331. Civilization IV Colonization cover.jpg (edit)
  332. Civilization IV.jpg (edit)
  333. CivilizationRevolution Boxart.png (edit)
  334. Clannad box artwork First Press.jpg (edit)
  335. Clannad box artwork PS2 Best.jpg (edit)
  336. Clannad box artwork.png (edit)
  337. Cleopatra Queen of the Nile cover.png (edit)
  338. CnC3 Kanes Wrath boxart.jpg (edit)
  339. Cnc zerohour box.jpg (edit)
  340. CoD BO2 box art.png (edit)
  341. CoD Black Ops box artwork.png (edit)
  342. CoD WaW cover.jpg (edit)
  343. CoD2YankCEditionBoxart.jpg (edit)
  344. CoD2YankGOTYBoxart.jpg (edit)
  345. CoD2YankMACBoxart.jpg (edit)
  346. CoD3.jpg (edit)
  347. CoD4 wii cover.jpg (edit)
  348. CoD4 wii reflex box.jpg (edit)
  349. CoDBoxArt.jpg (edit)
  350. CoDMW Mobilized cover.jpg (edit)
  351. CoR AoDA Cover.jpg (edit)
  352. Cobra Command FC box.jpg (edit)
  353. Cobra Kuroryuuou no Densetsu PCCD box.jpg (edit)
  354. Code Geass HnL box artwork.jpg (edit)
  355. Code Realize BoR LE box artwork.jpg (edit)
  356. Code Realize BoR Switch JP LE.jpg (edit)
  357. Code Realize BoR Switch JP.jpg (edit)
  358. Code Realize BoR box artwork.jpg (edit)
  359. Code Realize FB LE box artwork.jpg (edit)
  360. Code Realize FB box artwork.jpg (edit)
  361. Code Realize WM box artwork.jpg (edit)
  362. Code Realize box artwork Switch CE.png (edit)
  363. Code Realize box artwork Switch.png (edit)
  364. Code Realize box artwork.jpg (edit)
  365. Codename Iceman box.jpg (edit)
  366. Colonization cover.jpg (edit)
  367. Colossal Cave Adventure box.jpg (edit)
  368. Command & Conquer 3 boxart.jpg (edit)
  369. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 box.jpg (edit)
  370. Command & Conquer Red Alert Counterstrike box artwork.jpg (edit)
  371. Command & Conquer Red Alert The Aftermath box artwork.jpg (edit)
  372. Command & Conquer The Covert Operations box artwork.jpg (edit)
  373. Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm box artwork.jpg (edit)
  374. Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.jpg (edit)
  375. Commander Conquest of the Americas cover.jpg (edit)
  376. Commando Amiga box.jpg (edit)
  377. Commando C64 box.jpg (edit)
  378. Commando CPC box.jpg (edit)
  379. Commando INTV box.jpg (edit)
  380. Commando SZX box.jpg (edit)
  381. Commandos 2 cover.jpg (edit)
  382. Commandos 3 Boxart.jpg (edit)
  383. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines box.jpg (edit)
  384. Company of Heroes boxart.jpg (edit)
  385. Conception II Japanese cover.png (edit)
  386. Condemned 2 Bloodshot boxart.jpg (edit)
  387. Conduit 2 cover.jpg (edit)
  388. Conflict Desert Storm 2 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  389. Congo Bongo A800 box.jpg (edit)
  390. Congo Bongo AP2 box.jpg (edit)
  391. Congo Bongo C64 EU box.jpg (edit)
  392. Congo Bongo C64 box.jpg (edit)
  393. Congo Bongo COL box.jpg (edit)
  394. Congo Bongo INTV box.jpg (edit)
  395. Congo Bongo TI99 box.jpg (edit)
  396. Conker BFD.jpg (edit)
  397. Conker LR front cover.png (edit)
  398. ConkerPocketTales.jpg (edit)
  399. ContactBoxArt.jpg (edit)
  400. Contra III (GB) cover.jpg (edit)
  401. Control cover.jpg (edit)
  402. Cosmo Genesis FC box.jpg (edit)
  403. Cosmo Police Galivan FC box.jpg (edit)
  404. Counter-Strike.jpg (edit)
  405. Courageous perseus.jpg (edit)
  406. Crackdown box.jpg (edit)
  407. Crackout NES box.jpg (edit)
  408. Crash Bandicoot WoC GC box.jpg (edit)
  409. Crash Bandicoot WoC PS2 box.jpg (edit)
  410. Crash Bandicoot-The Wrath of Cortex boxart.jpg (edit)
  411. Crazy Climber ARC2k1 box.jpg (edit)
  412. Crazy Climber PS2 box.jpg (edit)
  413. Crazy Climber PSX box.jpg (edit)
  414. Crazy Climber WS box.jpg (edit)
  415. CrazyTaxi3-CoverEU.jpg (edit)
  416. CrazyTaxi3-CoverJP.jpg (edit)
  417. CrazyTaxi3-CoverUS.jpg (edit)
  418. Creatures 3 boxart.jpg (edit)
  419. Crime Buster XE box.jpg (edit)
  420. Crisis Beat cover.jpg (edit)
  421. Croc cover.jpg (edit)
  422. Croc jp cover.jpg (edit)
  423. CrossFire splash.jpg (edit)
  424. Cruise for a Corpse cover.jpg (edit)
  425. Crysis 2 cover.jpg (edit)
  426. Crysis boxart.jpg (edit)
  427. CrysisWarheadCover.jpg (edit)
  428. Crystal Castles 2600 EU box.jpg (edit)
  429. Crystal Castles C64 box.jpg (edit)
  430. Crystal Castles C64 tape.jpg (edit)
  431. Crystal Castles ZXS box.jpg (edit)
  432. Crystal Castles ZXS tape.jpg (edit)
  433. Crystal Crisis cover.jpg (edit)
  434. Cube NPC boxscan.jpg (edit)
  435. Curious George Cover.jpg (edit)
  436. Curse of the Azure Bonds cover.jpg (edit)
  437. Cursed Mountain eu cover.jpg (edit)
  438. Cursed Mountain us cover.jpg (edit)
  439. Cybernoid cover.jpg (edit)
  440. Cyberpunk 2077 box art.jpg (edit)
  441. Cycle Race Road Man FC box.jpg (edit)
  442. D3 Reaper of Souls cover.jpg (edit)
  443. DAIVA FC box.jpg (edit)
  444. DBZ Supersonic Warriors box artwork JP.jpg (edit)
  445. DBZ Supersonic Warriors box artwork US.jpg (edit)
  446. DBZ-Buu's Fury.jpg (edit)
  447. DBZBudo - EU PS2 Cover.jpg (edit)
  448. DBZBudo - JP PS2 Cover.jpg (edit)
  449. DBZBudo2 - EU PS2 Cover.jpg (edit)
  450. DBZBudo2 - JP PS2 Cover.jpg (edit)
  451. DBZBudo3 - EU Cover.jpg (edit)
  452. DBZBudo3 - JP Cover.jpg (edit)
  453. DBZBudo3 - US Greatest Hits Cover.jpg (edit)
  454. DBZLSW - JP Cover.jpg (edit)
  455. DBZLSW - US Cover.jpg (edit)
  456. DC Universe Online cover.jpg (edit)
  457. DK2 G&W box.jpg (edit)
  458. DK3 FC box.jpg (edit)
  459. DK3 eReader.jpg (edit)
  460. DKJ G&W Panorama box.jpg (edit)
  461. DKJ G&W box.jpg (edit)
  462. DKJ Tabletop Coleco box.jpg (edit)
  463. DKJ Tabletop Nintendo box.jpg (edit)
  464. DKJR 2600 Atari box.jpg (edit)
  465. DKJR 2600 Coleco box.jpg (edit)
  466. DKJR 7800 box.jpg (edit)
  467. DKJR A800 box.jpg (edit)
  468. DKJR Coleco box.jpg (edit)
  469. DKJR INTV box.jpg (edit)
  470. DKJR eReader box.jpg (edit)
  471. DL1-HL boxart Amiga.jpg (edit)
  472. DMC4 PS3 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  473. DPA Man of Medan box artwork.jpg (edit)
  474. DQM Caravan Heart box front.jpg (edit)
  475. DQM-J.jpg (edit)
  476. DRAMAtical Murder box artwork.jpg (edit)
  477. DRAMAtical Murder recode box artwork.jpg (edit)
  478. DRV3 Killing Harmony box artwork JP LE.jpg (edit)
  479. DRV3 Killing Harmony box artwork alt.jpg (edit)
  480. DRV3 Killing Harmony box artwork.jpg (edit)
  481. DS2 box.jpg (edit)
  482. DW4 nescart.jpg (edit)
  483. DWDS box.jpg (edit)
  484. DWMboxback.jpg (edit)
  485. DWMboxfront.jpg (edit)
  486. DWMtrainersguide.jpg (edit)
  487. Daisenryaku FC box.jpg (edit)
  488. Dakar 2 Box Artwork.jpg (edit)
  489. Dance Aerobics NES box.jpg (edit)
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  466. The Triathron FC box.jpg (edit)
  467. The Transformers cover.jpg (edit)
  468. The Sun Origin Icon.png (edit)
  469. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie NA PS2 box.jpg (edit)
  470. The Sims- Unleashed.jpg (edit)
  471. The Sims- Makin Magic.jpg (edit)
  472. The Sims- House Party.jpg (edit)
  473. The Sims console boxart.jpg (edit)
  474. The Sims Superstar boxart.jpg (edit)
  475. The Sims Pet Stories boxart.jpg (edit)
  476. The Sims Livin Large boxart.jpg (edit)
  477. The Sims Life Stories boxart.jpg (edit)
  478. The Sims Bustin Out boxart.jpg (edit)
  479. The Sims 3 boxart.jpg (edit)
  480. The Sims 2- Open for Business.jpg (edit)
  481. The Sims 2- Nightlife boxart.jpg (edit)
  482. The Sims 2 University boxart.jpg (edit)
  483. The Sims 2 University NA Boxart.jpg (edit)
  484. The Sims 2 Seasons boxart.jpg (edit)
  485. The Sims 2 Pets boxart.jpg (edit)
  486. The Sims 2 Pets (console) boxart.jpg (edit)
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  488. The Sims 2 Apartment Life Box artwork.jpg (edit)
  489. The Sims 2 (console) boxart.jpg (edit)
  490. The Simpsons Game 2008 box.jpg (edit)
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  492. The Ship cover.jpg (edit)
  493. The Settlers dos cover.jpg (edit)
  494. The Settlers cover.jpg (edit)
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  497. The Return of Heracles atari box.jpg (edit)
  498. The Punisher genesis cover.png (edit)
  499. The Polar Express Boxart.jpg (edit)
  500. The Path box.jpg (edit)

Box arts likely needing direct replacement[edit]

GIF files definitely need replaced due to color limitations. PNGs might be able to still remain if they are high quality and have appropriate source URLS, but otherwise should just be replaced with other sources that tend to be JPG. Total: 136

  1. Boogerman genesis box front.png (edit)
  2. Bully Scholarship Cover.png (edit)
  3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cover.png (edit)
  4. Cel Damage Xbox disc.png (edit)
  5. Championship Manager 4 cover.png (edit)
  6. Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2 logo.png (edit)
  7. CivilizationRevolution Boxart.png (edit)
  8. Clannad box artwork.png (edit)
  9. Cleopatra Queen of the Nile cover.png (edit)
  10. CoD BO2 box art.png (edit)
  11. CoD Black Ops box artwork.png (edit)
  12. Code Realize box artwork Switch CE.png (edit)
  13. Code Realize box artwork Switch.png (edit)
  14. Conception II Japanese cover.png (edit)
  15. Conker LR front cover.png (edit)
  16. Darwinia Coverart.png (edit)
  17. Demigod cover.png (edit)
  18. Denpa Men.png (edit)
  19. Diablo II CD Cover.png (edit)
  20. Diablo II LOD CD Cover.png (edit)
  21. Dig Dug FM77 box.png (edit)
  22. Dissidia 012 JP cover.png (edit)
  23. DragonNinja Famicombox.png (edit)
  24. Driver Coverart.png (edit)
  25. ElebitsBoxArt.png (edit)
  26. Epic Mickey 2 RP box art.png (edit)
  27. Eternal Eyes JP box art.png (edit)
  28. Eternal Eyes NA Box Artwork.png (edit)
  29. Eternalsonata-cover.png (edit)
  30. Etrian Odyssey 2 Fafnir Knight JP box front.png (edit)
  31. Etrian Odyssey cover.png (edit)
  32. EverQuest DoN cover.png (edit)
  33. EvilGenius BoxArt.png (edit)
  34. Eyeshield 21 MAX Devil Power box artwork.png (edit)
  35. FFDissidia cover.png (edit)
  36. Fantasy World Dizzy boxart.png (edit)
  37. FashionDesignerStyleIcon cover.png (edit)
  38. Final Doom Coverart.png (edit)
  39. Final Fight Revenge box art.png (edit)
  40. Flappy FM77 box.png (edit)
  41. Flappy PC8801 box.png (edit)
  42. Fortune Street box artwork.png (edit)
  43. Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers cover.png (edit)
  44. Gaia no Monshou PC88 box.png (edit)
  45. Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure PC cover.png (edit)
  46. HMTLV RP box front.png (edit)
  47. Hulk Box Art.png (edit)
  48. HumanFallFlat-Boxart.png (edit)
  49. Incubation box.png (edit)
  50. InfiniteUndiscovery USBoxBack.png (edit)
  51. InfiniteUndiscovery USBoxFront.png (edit)
  52. KH2 Final Mix+ box artwork.png (edit)
  53. KH3D box artwork JP KH Edition.png (edit)
  54. KH3D box artwork Mark of Mastery.png (edit)
  55. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Dream Hyper Battle! Coverart.png (edit)
  56. Kirby's Dream Collection SE Japanese wii game disc.png (edit)
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  58. Lands of Lore 2 - Guardians of Destiny Box Artwork.png (edit)
  59. Liberation Maiden.png (edit)
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  68. Me & My Katamari cover.png (edit)
  69. MetalWalkerENBackCover.png (edit)
  70. Midnight Resistance Flyer.png (edit)
  71. Monster in My Pocket cover.png (edit)
  72. Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed Coverart.png (edit)
  73. Ninja Gaiden boxart.png (edit)
  74. No More Heroes jp alt box.png (edit)
  75. North & South Cover.png (edit)
  76. One-on-One ColecoVision cart.png (edit)
  77. Orcs Must Die! 2 title US logo.png (edit)
  78. Order Up! Boxart.png (edit)
  79. Order Up! US cover.png (edit)
  80. Osmos box art.png (edit)
  81. OutRun Online Arcade cover.png (edit)
  82. Over the Hedge Cover.png (edit)
  83. PWDD mobile Icon.png (edit)
  84. Pac-Man CE cover.png (edit)
  85. Painkiller Coverart.png (edit)
  86. Pawly Pets My Animal Hospital boxart.png (edit)
  87. Period Cube box artwork.png (edit)
  88. Pitfall! cover.png (edit)
  89. PocketBike Racer cover.png (edit)
  90. Psychic City.png (edit)
  91. Ragnarok Online 2 Windows US box.png (edit)
  92. Rama cover.png (edit)
  93. Rambo (NES) cover.png (edit)
  94. Ripper Coverart US box.png (edit)
  95. Rock band blitz logo.png (edit)
  96. Rogue Squadron 3 Front Cover.png (edit)
  97. RollingThunder3 cover.png (edit)
  98. SantaClausnoTakarabako startscreen.png (edit)
  99. Scooby Doo 100 Frights cover.png (edit)
  100. Sega Bass Fishing - Arcade Logo.png (edit)
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  102. SimTower boxart.png (edit)
  103. SmugglersRunWarzones cover.png (edit)
  104. Space Invaders PSX box.gif (edit)
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  108. Spyborgs flyer rear.png (edit)
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  110. Star Trek New Worlds cover.png (edit)
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  112. StarCraft Brood War CD Cover.png (edit)
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  114. Starwing box rear.png (edit)
  115. Stunt Car Racer cover.png (edit)
  116. TASM2 Cover.png (edit)
  117. TERA box art.png (edit)
  118. Tails Adventure GameGear box.png (edit)
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  136. WoP DVD box front en.png (edit)

Boxart with File but no source[edit]

Total: 89

  1. 2nd Super Robot Wars NES JP.jpg (edit)
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  8. BlasterMasterZero2.png (edit)
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  11. Chex Quest CD.jpg (edit)
  12. CivNet box.jpg (edit)
  13. DK AP2 Box.jpg (edit)
  14. DK C64 Atari.jpg (edit)
  15. DK Classics NES box.jpg (edit)
  16. DWM2boxfront.jpg (edit)
  17. Deus Ex Box.jpg (edit)
  18. Digger T. Rock Box.png (edit)
  19. Disgaea front.jpg (edit)
  20. Dk us.jpg (edit)
  21. Dog's Life Coverart Japan.jpg (edit)
  22. Dothack GU Vol 2 box artwork.jpg (edit)
  23. Dragon Age Journeys cover.jpg (edit)
  24. Eternal Arcadia Cover.png (edit)
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  26. FFX X2 HD Gamedayreleasead.jpg (edit)
  27. Final Fantasy X-2 Front and Back.jpg (edit)
  28. Football Manager WCE.jpg (edit)
  29. Game Boy Wars 3 box.jpg (edit)
  30. Game Boy color.png (edit)
  31. Golden Axe C64 box.jpg (edit)
  32. Gothic II Gold Edition box.jpg (edit)
  33. Grand Theft Auto- London cover art.jpg (edit)
  34. HackGUvol1 BoxArt.jpg (edit)
  35. Hook (Arcade) NA box.jpg (edit)
  36. Imagine Champion Rider Box Art.jpg (edit)
  37. InFamous Second Son PS4 NA box.jpg (edit)
  38. Infamous 1 japanese cover.png (edit)
  39. Infamous 2 cover.png (edit)
  40. Infamous First Light cover art.jpg (edit)
  41. Layton Brothers Mystery Room icon.png (edit)
  42. LttP SNES box.jpg (edit)
  43. MK4 EU GBC Box.png (edit)
  44. MK4 EU Windows Box.png (edit)
  45. MK4 US GBC Box.png (edit)
  46. MKSC Box Art.jpg (edit)
  47. MMBN ElecTown Tournament.png (edit)
  48. MMBN JP box rear.jpg (edit)
  49. MP9 Whomp.png (edit)
  50. Madden NFL 17 cover.jpg (edit)
  51. Madden NFL 18 cover.jpg (edit)
  52. Magna Carta Tears of Blood Box.jpg (edit)
  53. Mega Games 10 box.jpg (edit)
  54. Mega Man Battle Network boxart.jpg (edit)
  55. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance artwork.jpg (edit)
  56. Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes box.jpg (edit)
  57. Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer cover.jpg (edit)
  58. Namco x capcom box artwork.jpg (edit)
  59. Pokemon Black and White Boxart NA.png (edit)
  60. Pokemon Gold and Silver Box Arts.jpg (edit)
  61. Pokemon HG&SS English Cover.png (edit)
  62. Pokemon TGC boxart.jpg (edit)
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  64. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 boxart.jpg (edit)
  65. Power Rangers- Battle for the Grid cover.jpg (edit)
  66. Punisher game cover.jpg (edit)
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  68. RainSlickPrecipiceEpisode2 cover.jpg (edit)
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  70. Resident Evil Outbreak boxart.jpg (edit)
  71. Sims2 mansion&garden stuff cover.jpg (edit)
  72. Space Quest 1 Box Art.jpg (edit)
  73. Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game Boy box.jpg (edit)
  74. TASM Game Boy Cover.jpg (edit)
  75. The Quest for the Time-Bird Amiga box.jpg (edit)
  76. The Sims 2 Celebration Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  77. The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  78. The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  79. The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  80. The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  81. The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  82. The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  83. The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff boxart.jpg (edit)
  84. Trust & Betrayal TLOS manual.jpg (edit)
  85. Virtual Villager 4 logo.jpg (edit)
  86. Winter Games box.jpg (edit)
  87. X-Blades Japanese Censored Cover.png (edit)
  88. Zen Pinball.jpg (edit)
  89. Zork II manual cover.jpg (edit)


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Games to Request Covers on Cover Project[edit]

  • seaQuest DSV (Game Boy)
  • Championship Manager 2‎