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The tasks on this page are of a continuous nature, in that they involve cleanup functions that are always going to be needed as new pages and content are added. Unlike daily tasks, however, the focus of this page is to slowly whittle down the offending pages and clean them up as needed. The categories here contain pages that have been marked for cleanup in some way, and should be continuously worked on. Eventually categories with many pages in them may get down to zero, in which case they might need to be moved to the daily tasks page, if it is desired that be kept permanently clean.


These tasks require looking at various pages and determining whether they meet the criteria set out in our policies and in the Guide.


These categories hold pages that have been marked for cleanup in some way. Where applicable, the number of pages within has been added after the category.

Add these to pages on the wiki
  • Unused categories (?) (2 as of December 10, 2009)
    Note: Most of these are cleanup categories that will only be in use if there are pages needing that cleanup. We're only worried about the "static" categories.
  • Unused files (?) (11 as of October 6, 2013)
Fill these out with information
Verify these
  • Redirects (?) (4,647 pages as of September 25, 2009)
Clean these up
For administrators