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Level 1[edit]

Password: LXKYD12RKBL

Push the ball right two and follow it into the teleporter.

Level 2[edit]


Run over all of the dirt under the rocks, without touching the ball. One rock will fall in the gap; push the other two in after it (middle one first). Push the ball all the way across to the teleporter and follow it in.

Level 3[edit]

Password: LSNAUB6OOM1

Push the block over and onto the bug. Go all the way to the teleporter, and create a path directly above it. Push each ball onto this path, where it will fall into the teleporter. Follow the last one.

Level 4[edit]

Password: LC29NQVKIH8

Wait a little while, then move to the right and let the rock fall on the bug. Push each of the rocks, starting on the left, into the gap. Last, push the ball into the teleporter and follow it.

Level 5[edit]


Wait for the bug to hit the top and head back down. When he is a little over halfway, drop the rock on him. Make sure you do not wait to long, so the top spider doesn't get to you. Walk on the dirt directly above the teleporter. Push each of the balls into the teleporter (starting on the left, of course). Make sure you get them all the way in and follow the last one.

Level 6[edit]


Walk on the first two columns of dirt and the bottom two in the third column. Use the spacebar to get the last dirt square from the side and let the explosives fall. Go all the way right on the second row and push the other explosives all the way left. Go through the new passage.

Go to the corner to the right of the keyhole. Suddenly run up and drop the rock on the spider. Get the key and go through the keyhole. There are no balls to push into the teleporter.

Level 7[edit]

Password: LPEWX9AZ816

Quickly run left and push the rock on the explosives. Keep following the path and push the first ball into the teleport. Go to the right and walk on all of the dirt over there. Go to the left and push the ball right so it blocks the way of the bug. (If you go fast enough, you can block the bug before he gets to the dirt area.) Wait for it to turn and head left, then push the ball into the teleporter and follow it.

Level 8[edit]

Password: LCG08YCP8EL

On this level, you have to be fast. Go up and push each explosives into the brick above the key. Get the key and go all the way around to push the block next to where the key was, right. Push the other three blocks in that gap (make sure not to step on the dirt above the teleporter until you've done this). Finally, go around and push the two balls into the teleporter, following them.

Level 9[edit]

Password: LEGL5R9ZPFA

Get out of the way and let the ball and rock fall. Walk on the dirt farthest right, then push the top explosives all the way to the right. Push the first ball into the teleporter. Go back to the remaining explosives. Nudge the bottom one and get out of the way. Get the key, releasing the ball and rock. Push the ball all the way to the teleporter without looking back.