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Orange Star[edit]


Advance Wars Andy.png
  • CO Power: "Hyper Repair", increases all units' HP up by 2.
  • Unlocked by: Default

Andy has all-around average units.


AW CO Max.png
  • CO Power: "Max Power", direct fire units get 25% offensive bonus and 1 extra square of movement.
  • Unlocked by: Default

Max is a direct fire specialist, all of his direct fire units get a 50% offensive bonus. Max's indirect units get a 10% offensive reduction, and one less square in their range.


AW CO Sami.png
  • CO Power: "Double Time", infantry units get 30% offensive bonus, 20% defensive bonus, and 1 extra square of movement and lack moving penalties for that turn.
  • Unlocked by: Default

Sami is an infantry specialist, all infantry units (infantry and mech) get a 20% offensive bonus and a 10% defensive bonus. Sami's troops capture buildings at 150% speed.


AW CO Nell.png
  • CO Power: "Lucky Star", All of her units gain a much higher luck stat, being able to do a much higher amount of damage than normal.
  • Unlocked by: Finish the advance campaign.

Nell's units have a higher luck rating than the other CO's, being able to do more damage than normal at random.

Blue Moon[edit]


AW CO Olaf.png
  • CO Power: "Blizzard", causes a snow storm for one day, which lowers the enemies' movement range.
  • Unlocked by: Default

Olaf is unaffected by snow, but moves through rain the way other COs move through snow.


AW CO Grit.png
  • CO Power: "Snipe Attack", indirect units get 65% offensive bonus, and 2 range enhancements.
  • Unlocked by: Winning the mission "Max Strikes!" with Max.

Grit's indirect fire units get 1 bonus range, his direct fire units have a 20% offensive deduction.

Green Earth[edit]


AW CO Eagle.png
  • CO Power: "Lightning Strike", all units gain an extra turn, except for infantry,but get -20% in offense and -30% in defense than in average.
  • Unlocked by: Win all Green Earth missions using Sami.

Eagle's air units require less fuel to move, and have 10% bonus to both offense and defense. His sea units receive a 10% deduction to both offense and defense.


AW CO Drake.png
  • CO Power: "Tsunami", damages all enemy units by 1 HP, unless they were already at 1 HP.
  • Unlocked by: Win all Green Earth missions using Andy.

Drake gets a 20% bonus of offense and defense to his sea units, and 20% deduction of offense and defense to his air units. It also rains more often when Drake is used in a match.

Yellow Comet[edit]


AW CO Kanbei.png
  • CO Power: "Morale Boost", troops receive a 20% offense and defense bonus.
  • Unlocked by: Beat Campaign Mode.

All of Kanbei's units have a 20% bonus to offense and defense, but cost 20% more.


AW CO Sonja.png
  • CO Power: Increases vision for all units by an extra space and allows player to see into forests and reefs.
  • Unlocked by: Beat Kanbei's three missions in 8 days, 10 days then 12 days in that order, and then win the 3 hidden missions against Sonja.

Sonja's units have a longer field of vision and their HP are invisible to the enemy. All of her units are "unlucky" and randomly deal 10% less damage.

Black Hole[edit]


AW CO Sturm.png
  • CO Power: "Meteor Strike" Sends a meteor crashing into the area with the highest concentration of enemy troops, damaging by up to 4 HP.
  • Unlocked by: Unlocking every other CO except Nell.

All of Sturm's units have a 20% defensive bonus, and a 20% offensive reduction. Terrain penalties do not apply to the movement of Sturm's units, except for when it snows.

However, when facing Sturm in Campaign mode, his units have a 20% offensive bonus, a 20% defensive reduction, and Meteor Strike damages up to 8 HP to each unit it hits. The terrain effects remain the same.