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AW unit Infantry.png

Most basic unit in the game. Weak against everything but other infantry, yet essential because they can capture buildings.


AW unit Mech.png

A slightly more powerful version of the Infantry unit, but with a smaller movement range.. Mech units come equipped with bazookas and are able to effectively neutralize light tanks, recon units, artillery, rockets, and APCs, but only if they strike first. They can also capture buildings.


AW unit Recon.png

A basic vehicular unit. Effective against infantry, mech, and other recon units. This unit though lacking in firepower has a large movement range and sight range, making it an essential part of any campaign, especially in Fog of War situations.


AW unit Tank.png

Decent unit. Takes on infantry, artillery, rockets, anti air guns, anti-air missiles, and other tanks with effective results. Weak against MD tanks, bombers, helicopters, and naval units. The tank is the weakest, but the cheapest tank you can buy.

Medium Tank[edit]

AW unit Md Tank.png

The Medium tank is the most powerful ground unit in the game. It is effective against almost everything. How ever it is still easy to beat if you have Bombers, any indirect fire units like artillery, rockets, and battleships. Helicopters are also somewhat effective because since they are airborne, the medium tank is forced to use its far less powerful machine gun instead of its main cannon. However the helicopter does an equal amount of damage.

Anti Air Vehicle[edit]

AW unit Anti-Air.png

Effective in taking taking down air units and infantry, but weak against tanks.


AW unit Artillery.png

This unit is a long range unit that can only fire if it has not moved. The artillery unit has a range of 2-3 spaces and is very effective against all ground units. It can not fire if an enemy is right next to it so be sure to keep your distance. A good strategy is to pair the artillery up with a 2 light tanks and have the tanks form a wall to keep the enemy from getting too close.


AW unit Rockets.png

This is an upgraded version of the artillery unit. With a range of 3-5 spaces and deadly missiles it can make or break any campaign. This is a must have unit. However, this unit is even more vulnerable to direct attacks and needs to be protected if it is to be useful. Once again use other ground units to protect it.


AW unit Missiles.png

Similar to the rocket unit, except it specializes in taking down air units. It is very good for this task and also has a high range of sight in fog of war. Keep it surrounded by other units.


AW unit APC.png

APCs are a very useful unit. They can transport one infantry or mech unit. Also they are very essential because they can refuel and resupply ammo to any unit directly next to it. This unit has no weapon and cannot attack, but can be used as a decoy to lure enemy units.



AW unit Lander.png

A sea unit transporter, able to transport infantry or any other ground unit two at a time. Cannot attack, so keep it well protected.


AW unit Sub.png

Unit with the ability to dive, rendering it invisible to the enemy until it is right next to them. Keep in mind that it runs out of gas quickly, and keep it away from cruisers.


AW unit Cruiser.png

Great units if you have a submarine and air unit problem, but vulnerable to battleships. Can also hold helicopters.


AW unit Battleship.png

Ranged unit that can shoot the farthest out of all units in the game. Can attack sea and ground units, but bad against submarines.


Transport Copter[edit]

AW unit T Copter.png

Transport Copters, AKA T Copters, are an aerial version of APCs. Due to their aerial abilities they are very useful for transporting and rescuing Infantry units. They are however, very vulnerable to aerial attacks. They cannot, however, supply adjacent allied units with ammunition and fuel.

Battle Copter[edit]

AW unit B Copter.png

AKA B Copter. This unit is effective against weak ground units, and can still attack stronger ground units as well. Keep it well away from anti air and fighters.


AW unit Fighter.png

Air unit who's purpose is one thing: Crushing other air units. It does a good job of it too. Very strong against any air units, just try to get a first attack if the enemy unit is a fighter as well. Do not make if the enemy has no air units.


AW unit Bomber.png

Great for blowing up anything on the ground, even anti air doesn't stand a chance if you get a first attack. Just remember that a fighter can easily knock it out of the sky, so keep it protected.