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When in mode select menu, press the A button button to select one of the modes.

Use B button in the mode select menu to go back a level or to the title screen. In game mode, use it to go out of a menu or to say no to something when someone asks you.



Press A button to continue a campaign or to start a new one. If you have bought the advance campaign from Hachi, then hold down Select button and press New campaign.

War room

Will automatically start the game you are in the middle of. If you are not in the middle of a war room, then it will have one option: New. Press A button to start.

Battle Maps

Here is where you can buy maps and COs once you unlock them. Use Neutral dpad and press A button multiple times until you have bought it.

Versus Mode

Will always have two options:

  1. New
  2. Continue

Select which one you want, then press A button.

Field Training

Use Neutral dpad to select which training you want to do. It will show your highest rank on the side.