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When you get back in the Animus, you'll start out talking to Al Mualim, who will give you your next three targets – one in each city – and the Assassin Gloves. The new item allows you to perform the Grab Break and Catch Ledge abilities. Practice your Grab Break in the training courtyard, as it's a useful skill for shortening lengthy fights and not being thrown off rooftops. From now on, when you ride out to Kingdom from anywhere, you'll get to select your destination, meaning you don't have to ride all the way across Kingdom to get to cities you've already visited. In the destination selection screen, the target symbol will appear after the name of locations where you still have an objective to complete.

Damascus: Rich District[edit]

View Points 10
Citizen Saves 10
Investigations needed 3
  • Objective: Assassinate Abu'l Nuquod

From now on, you can enter the cities with the Scholars you've unlocked before. Once inside, you'll see that you are given no indication of where to go. Whenever you go back to a city, drop in first at the Bureau to learn about your next target from the Bureau Leader. He will let you know where you should start your search. He's very specific about three spots you can go to, but all you really need to know is which district you'll be working in (you can also just go to the district not blocked off from your memory). Once you're in the right district, find a View Point by looking for circling birds in the sky, and go to the top and synchronize. This will reveal all the other View Points on your map, which is all you need to find everything else. You now have to complete three of the six Investigations to satisfy the Bureau Leader.

The Scholars you saved last time are in a group off to the right when you ride up to the city. If you stop in at the Bureau, you'll be informed that your target is in the Rich District and given three places to check out. It's not very helpful to know three names, but Rafiq gives you directions, which at least tells you which district you should be look in. Go back up to the top of the Bureau and look to the west. You should see three extremely tall towers. Any one of them would be fine to give you your first View Point, but the one to northwest is the closest. If you follow the rooftops along the eastern edge of the Rich District, you'll gain access to the compound where the tower is at the northeast corner, which is guarded by a lone soldier. From there you can get up no the wall and head back south to the tower. This is the one View Point you need to see all the rest.

The View Point in the northwest is within a guarded area with entrances at the southern and eastern walls. There are beams above both entrances which are accessible from both outside and within the walled off area, so you can get in either way. The eastern entrance is slightly easier, as there's no guard up by the beams on that one. The View Point in the west, right next to the waterway, is also guarded at its one entrance. You can easily get in by simply hopping the black metal fence. When you're climbing up to the roof of the building, just pick a side other than the eastern face, as there's a guard on the next rooftop in that direction. Another guarded View Point, and the most heavily guarded, is the one just southwest of the View Point in the center of the city. You'll need to approach from the rooftops, but there are guards up there too. The best place to access a climbable spot on the tower is from the west, but you'll want to take out the guard on the roof across from the north side first. After that, you can jump down to the lower roof to dispatch the guard there and jump over to the beam sticking out of the northwest corner of the View Point. There is also one last guard at the top. When you take the leap of faith down, you'll still be in the guarded area, so you'll need to use the rooftops again to get out.

For the View Point in the south, you'll want to start climbing from inside the courtyard in the center. There are a lot of archers on the roof all along the palace rooftops. From inside, jump from a table on the northwest to one of the wooden overhangs and then climb up to the walkway. Go south and jump back out and across to the patio at the southwest end of the courtyard, before you get to the enclosed room at the end of the hallway. From there you can climb the blue and gold trimmed decorations up to the rooftop, where you'll find a ladder to the View Point and a guard. In most cases, you'll only have to deal with the one guard if you take this route.


  • Eavesdroppping: In the plaza to the northeast, take a seat at the bench to the west of the fountain in the center to listen in on the two men off to the side of the crowd listening to the orator.
  • Informer: Your assassin friend in the southeast wants you to take out two guys in three minutes. When successful, you'll receive a map detailing the guards' locations at the Merchant King's palace. You'll want to head northeast out of the alley where you talked to the informer, then take a right, going northwest through the market. You'll find the first target walking around looking at the stalls. Knife him with your hidden blade, then run back down the way you came, but go past the informer's alley until you run into the next target. You don't have to bother waiting for him to stop; just take him out when no guards are around.
  • Informer: Climb the scaffolding and cross the beams at one of the entrances to the guarded area in the northwest or use the Scholars at the southern entrance, who can be unlocked from a nearby Citizen Save. Inside, the informer is within a small courtyard in the east. He wants you to collect flags in a three minute time limit. Start out by getting the flag atop the well in the middle of the courtyard, then go out the doorway and climb the wall directly opposite. From here you'll want to turn west and follow the flags along the rooftops. At the end you'll need to drop to the ground for the last ones. Remember that the entrance back into the courtyard where the informer is, is in the north side of the building. For your trouble, you'll get a map showing that you can climb the statue in the center of the Merchant King's palace, then jump to a railing you can take all the way to his terrace.
  • Interrogation: In the northwest, in front of the guarded area you'll see your target talking in the middle of an open courtyard. He heads immediately into the guarded area, so un-lock on to him and climb the wooden scaffolding on the sides of the entrance to the beams above to follow him. If you've done the Citizen Save to the west of the entrance, you will have some Scholars that can get you inside as well. When he gets away from the guards, beat him to make him talk.
  • Pickpocket: Look for two men in a small alcove in the covered market. The target will walk across the pathway through the opposite alcove, so position yourself behind the men either before starting the investigation or during the cutscene where they're talking. You don't get anything very useful for this one, just a letter explaining more of what's going on in the three cities.
Console version
  • Eavesdroppping: For the eavesdropping in the north, you'll want to take a seat on the bench to the southeast of the man in the yellow robes talking to the woman, at the bench along the waterway. Be careful around here, as there are a couple lunatics that will push you around. You'll receive a map showing an alternate way to get to Nuquod's quarters.
Windows version
  • Informer: The informer in the north requires that you destroy two market stalls in three minutes. Do so by pushing a citizen into the stall. Make sure there are no guards around when you destroy the stalls. Head back to the informer to get the map showing an alternate way to Nuquod's quarters.


This time you'll attend the Merchant King's party with the nobles of the city. You'll find that the entrances to the palace are now guarded, so take some Scholars in, or just climb the fence to get in. Get inside quickly, as the guards patrolling around don't take kindly to your presence. Once inside you'll listen to a speech by Nuquod to the attendees. Although it's not a trap specifically for you, this time, when he starts killing the partygoers, the guards are warned to kill anyone who tries to escape. This means when you climb up to the second level to take him out, you'll have to deal with the guards. Just like the assassination of Talal in the last memory block, you should ignore the guards wherever possible and just chase down your target.

There are plenty of ways up, by climbing either of the walls on the side of the courtyard, or by using the fountain to get to railings that will take you to a flagpole where you can jump to Nuquod's balcony. Whichever way you go, if the Merchant King starts running, just follow him, keeping an eye on your mini-map if you don't have a visual on him. When you get close enough, take him out with your hidden blade. Lose yourself in the city and return to the Bureau to let Rafiq know you've completed your task. When you've reported in, you'll get the option to fast forward back to Al Mualim to claim some more of your equipment. This time you'll get enhanced balance and the ability to dodge in combat. After practicing your new move, head to the next city.

Acre: Rich District[edit]

View Points 11
Citizen Saves 9
Investigations needed 3
  • Objective: Assassinate William of Montferrat

As in the other cities, you can use the Scholars you've previously unlocked to enter the city. Start at the Bureau for tips on where to go, or just head into the Rich District and find a View Point to begin. At the top of the Assassin's Bureau, you should see that the closest one is a tower to the southeast with a guard at the bottom of it, just a couple rooftops away. For the southeastern View Point atop the large building, you can gain access from the southwest by taking out the guard on the nearby rooftop, then crossing a narrow pathway and starting out climbing up the backside of the columns over there up to the roof. There are two guards patrolling up there, so wait for them to pass in front of you in the middle of the roof, then climb up and take them out one at a time. This will give you access to the south side of the tower you need to climb.

For the tower at the southern tip of the district within the citadel, you can run right in and up the ladder in the southeast corner of the citadel, then along the southwestern wall to another ladder where you can climb up. Don't worry about the guards up here, just run along the wall's edge to your right (northwest), until you can jump down to the walkway below the View Point with the haystack on it. At the tower, jump up onto the wall then up to the ridge circling the tower. From there you can climb up to the top. To get out of there, you can either jump over the wall when you do the leap of faith, and head back out through the citadel, or you can follow the northern castle walls to the northeast where there is another leap of faith available down into a hay cart. The rest of the View Points are fairly straightforward – take out the guards at the bottom and on the surrounding rooftops, then climb up. The only other thing you should watch out for are the increased number of drunkards and lunatics that make your investigations slightly harder.


  • Informer: You'll find the southern informer across from the entrance to the citadel. He gives you three minutes to collect some Masyaf flags for him. The flags are all in a line looping out to the northeast and back. Start out by heading down the alley right behind him to the first flag, then up along the stalls and beams along the right side of the street. This will take you to a little archway you can climb up to cross the street and continue along the rooftops. There you'll turn back around and follow them back the way you came on the other side of the buildings, finishing up just to the northwest of the informer. Despite his assertions to the contrary, the informer has nothing useful for you in the way of information.
  • Informer: Along the northern border of the district you'll find one of your brethren at the side of a small courtyard with a fountain in the center of it. He wants you to take out two men, and there's not time limit. From the informer, one target is through the alley across the courtyard to the southwest of the informer, then up the street to the west. The other is down some steps to an open area with a building in it to the southeast. The trick to these assassinations is to avoid the wandering lunatics that will inevitably be in your way, as well as roving guards. Don't wait for the targets to stop, just run up to them and assassinate them before the lunatics have a chance to push you and ruin the mission. For your trouble, your friend will give you a map detailing how to escape the citadel once the gates close.
  • Interrogation: Your interrogation subject is at the top of the steps on the eastern side of the huge building in the center of the district. Follow him around the corner and beat him when there are no guards around. You'll learn that after King Richard leaves, William will spend the rest of the day berating his men, giving you opportunity to strike while he's distracted.
  • Pickpocket: For the eastern pickpocket Investigation, you'll need to get down into the center of a guarded fort. You can do so from the top, but there are guards at the bottom, so make sure you drop down behind them (in the eastern corner). The mark walks southeast after the cutscene, so it helps to start on the opposite from him so he's easier to follow. When you're done, you can go back up the way you came down. You'll receive a map showing how to approach William from above for this Investigation.
  • Pickpocket: Along the seawall in the northwest corner of the district, you'll see a black-robed priest talking to a Templar under an open, wooden-beam stall. The priest is your target, and he walks straight out into the street before turning southeast. Just wait for him to look around before he hits the street, then grab his letter to his master.
Console version
  • Pickpocket: The western pickpocket investigation takes place at the western corner of a tall fort, and the conversation is between an old bald man with a white beard and a younger man. Your target is the old man who walks off toward the hay cart to the northwest, and he's carrying a map detailing the locations of the archers along the best route to where William will be talking to his men.
Windows version
  • Informer: In the southwest one of your brethren wants you to take out three archers without being seen. Use your knives to do the deed, then return to the informer for a map showing where William's archers are located.


William is at the citadel, talking to King Richard. When the king rides off, follow William back into the fortress. When you get inside, climb the ladder to your left (southeast) and go up to the rooftops. Jump across the rooftops and hanging platforms to the garden in the southwest. From there you can hide until the archers are facing away from you, then take out the two on either side of the garden. From there you can jump across the hanging platform to the far southern wall and then to the southwest corner of the citadel to take out the archer above the area where William is addressing his troops. Target William and jump down, doing a quick kill with your hidden blade. Alternatively, you can stand and fight, in which case you will be back at safe alert status when all the guards are dead. After you kill William, the gates will close and you'll need to climb out, and according to the intel you gathered during investigations, you'll want to scale the ladder at the south wall, then work your way around to follow the north rooftops out of the citadel. When you get far enough north, almost to the end, you'll see a ladder on your left you'll need to take up tot he highest part of the castle wall. From there you can jump around to the northeast wall and then back out into the city.

When you've hidden yourself and waited for the heat to die down, go back to the Bureau to report in. This time when you go back and talk to Al Mualim, you'll get a higher throwing knife capacity, bringing the maximum number you can carry up to ten. You're now ready to move onto the final city of the memory block.

Jerusalem: Poor District[edit]

View Points 6
Citizen Saves 8
Investigations needed 3
  • Objective: Assassinate Majd Addin

Head into the city and talk to Malik at the Bureau if you like. He tells you to investigate in the southwest and south, letting you know your target is within the Poor District. Head due south from the Bureau along the rooftops, and you should come to an eagle circling over a large archway with a with a guard patrolling the rooftop to the east of it. Head over and take the guard out, then climb the structure to synchronize your first View Point and reveal all the others. Incidentally, there are only six View Points in this district and this one is also closest to the entrance, so you should go it even if you skip the Bureau. The View Points in the city are pretty standard; the only difference is a few more guards around making your life harder.


  • Eavesdropping: The eavesdropping Investigation is in the very south of the district. Both entrances to the area are guarded by soldiers, so you'll either need to unlock Scholars with a Citizen Save or use the beams above them to get in. They're both extremely easy to circumvent, but the targets are closer to the western entrance. Once inside, you'll find two hooded men in the southwest corner of the area, with a bench directly south of them. All you learn is that Majd Addin will be at an execution today.
  • Informer: The northwest informer is under a tree in the middle of a dirty street. He wants you to take out two guys with no time limit. Head down the steps to the north (the way the informer is facing), then take a right up the street at the bottom (to the east) to the first target. When he's not around the wandering group of guards, take him out. Next, head back south from there to the next target as he's in the plaza, then take the alley to the west back to the informer to complete the circuit. You'll receive a map showing where to join the Scholars to get to the execution where Majd Addin will be.
  • Interrogation: Along the western boundary of the district, you'll find a man speaking atop a wooden platform in an intersection. Follow him into the alley nearby, then start your interrogation. He gives you a little information on the target's character, but nothing of real use in the assassination.
  • Pickpocket: In the center of the district, you'll come to a street where guards are blocking off further progress and two men are conversing across from them. Your target heads right through the guards, so make sure you start on the side of him away from the guards and nab the map of the execution spot before he gets to them.
Console version
  • Informer: in the southwest corner of the district, you'll find one of your brethren behind a wall across from a speaker with a large crowd (note, there is a Jerusalem Cross at the end of this alley). He'll give you three targets with no time limit on their deaths. Before you start the mission, it is best to kill off the stationary guards in the area that will spot you.
    • Preparation: start off by heading to where the target to the south initially roams. There are two guards stationed by this gate. Assassinate each one - they will not notice that the other has died. Then go up on the roof nearby to the South East and kill the archer (grab another Jerusalem Cross that is nearby). Go over to where the rooftop target roams (east of the informer). There will be an archer on the highest roof. Assassinate that one, then begin the mission.
    • Strategy: from the informer, if you run right over to the south target, you can catch him right as he walks up to an empty store front and take him out there. After that, head east around the building in the center of the area, being careful not to run too close to the lunatic. The next target should be coming down the street toward you. Take him out, then climb up the ladder back there, by the next lunatic. This will lead you up to the rooftop where the last target is. Take the ladder to the northeast down so you don't go back by the body on the ground, then carefully make your way back to the informer, who tells you to strike at Majd Addin when he lectures the prisoner and his back is to the crowd.
  • Pickpocket: At a large intersection on the east side of the district, across from a guard below a large flight of steps, you'll see a man talking to a guard. Your target is the man talking to the guard, and heads off to the southwest after his conversation. You'll get a map showing the guards' locations around the execution area.
Windows version
  • Informer: A much harder escort mission, you'll be attacked three times by pairs of soldiers. Kill them quickly along with any guards that join the fracas. You'll get a map showing the position of Majd Addin's guards.
  • Informer: The southern informer wants three archers taken down silently. Use knives if you have to or the hidden blade. When you return to your brother, you'll learn that Majd Addin turns his back to the crowd when he's lecturing the prisoners.


You will take out your target during an execution. Majd Addin has four people he will kill, and one of them is another assassin who you need to save. As long as you take out Majd Addin before he gets to your brother, the mission will still be considered a success, even if the other prisoners die. If you've unlocked them, use the group of Scholars to get into the area and again to get up on the stage where the executions take place. If you haven't got them or don't want to bother, you can get in through the rooftops. Once the speech is over, if you're not using the Scholars, go down the alley to the south, tackle the lunatic out of the way, then climb the building and go up the ladder up there. This leads to the building right next to the stage where you can take out a guard then climb down the ladder to the stage when Majd Addin is talking to the first victim. For some reason, just doing a jumping kill from the rooftop doesn't seem to work, so make sure to use the ladder.

Whichever way you kill him, use the ladder on the south end of the stage (the one just mentioned) to get up the roofs, then jump across hanging platforms and other roofs to escape the area. Back at the Assassin's Bureau, you can report in to Malik and exit the Animus.


Vidic is livid and storms out of the room. Talk to Lucy for a bit before going back into your bedroom. You can use the code you found previously in your closet to get back out into the main section of the apartment. With Vidic's key pen you lifted, you're now able to read his emails as well as Lucy's.