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In this memory block you'll visit the next two cities with another assassination in each. Al Mualim is pleased with your progress so far, although he still needs to withhold information from you until you are ready. You will receive the short blade and the Counter Kill ability. The Counter Kill will become like second nature to you, as it's the only viable way to survive fights against multiple opponents. Practice in the courtyard, then head out of Masyaf to one of the cities.

Acre: Poor District[edit]

View Points 11
Citizen Saves 12
Investigations needed 2
  • Objective: Assassinate Garnier de Naplouse

Your target is the Grand Master of the Knights Hospital – a man who likes to experiment on kidnapped men from Jerusalem. He hides himself away inside the Order's hospital, so you'll need to investigate the best way to infiltrate his fortress and take him out. When you ride up to the city, you'll see a citizen being harassed by a group of soldiers to the left of the path. Take them out, just like the last city, to create a group of Scholars that will get you into the city without a fight. Since it's your first time in the city, one View Point will be on your map to start you off. Before heading over to it, you might want to eavesdrop on the two guys standing in front of the fountain as soon as you get into the city. There's a bench to the northeast of them you can use.

Now you'll need to be aware of guards at the base of the View Points you'll be ascending. They're not all the same here, as some are quite a bit shorter, and some are very tall. For the View Point in the south that's a huge building, you can gain access to a climbable part by starting at the building on the side of it to the east. Take out the guard up there and head across the narrow plank to the View Point building. This will get you access to the roof, from which you can climb up the bell tower and synchronize at the top. At the top of the small fort in the west, be aware that a guard is up there, and you should peek over with the camera and make sure his back is to you before climbing up and taking him out.

At the View Point in the middle of the district that's on top of a building with guards at both entrances, there are also guards on top. You'll need to watch out for the rover on the northwest side, as the other guys all have their backs to you. The View Point in the north is actually on top of the hospital where you'll assassinate Garnier, so it's a good opportunity to get familiar with the entrances and exits. You can get to the top from the east, taking out guards as you go up levels, but be careful, because there are lots of them up there. For the bell tower on the eastern edge of the district, you can get to a climbable spot on top of the archway on the southern side. For the View Point in the southeast, directly north of the Bureau, you will find a ladder on the western side that leads to the roof.


  • Eavesdropping: As soon as you get into the city, you can eavesdrop on the two men standing at the fountain. Take a seat on the bench to the northeast of them to do so. You'll get an attachment you can view which shows a route on the rooftops to avoid the remaining archers.
  • Informer: The one in the southwest corner of the district wants you to take out someone for him, and you have no time limit. Take the east exit from the little courtyard with the informer, then turn north to find the guard walking around looking in broken buildings. Hit him with your hidden blade when he's stopped in front of one of them, then go back to your friend. You'll learn that only Scholars and patients can walk around Garnier's hospital and you'll receive a map of the inside of the building with the guards' positions marked on it.
  • Informer: In the northeast corner of the district one of your assassin brothers waits by himself on the second level of steps at the top of a courtyard with a fountain in it. He wants you to collect flags, and he'll give you three minutes to get it done. Start out by jumping to the platform behind your friend from the balustrade and follow the flags around in a looping horseshoe pattern clockwise back to the other side of second level where you left. On your way back to your friend, grab the last flag on the fence above the steps going down to the lower level.
  • Interrogation: At the southern border of the district you'll find a man preaching Garnier's praise at the top of some steps flanked by guards. Follow him down the street away from the guards and start beating him at the bottom of the steps.
  • Pickpocket: In the center of town is a long building with the entrances at both ends guarded. There's a hole you can enter and exit in the roof, but there are plenty of guards up there too. Three are stationary and one patrols the western side of the building. The only ones you really need to worry about is the stationary one in the middle and the rover on the west side. The hole is on the northwest side of the building and the other guards are too far away or are facing the wrong direction. Drop down to the bottom and lock on to the two guys in the middle of the place. Follow the mark and wait for him to check behind himself one time before going for the grab. You can go out the way you came in, or just run out and hide yourself when they chase you.
Console version
  • Pickpocket: In the middle of the east side of the district, you'll find two men standing around in an alleyway. Simply lock on then make the grab after they split up. This time you'll get a map showing candelabras in the hospital and the location of the patients.
Windows version
  • Informer: With no time limit, assassinate the two archers stealthily.


Garnier is in the Hospitalier Fortress, which is a building with guards at the entrance and tons of sick patients and lunatics inside, as well as more guards. There are two ways to get into the hospital. You can zoom in on the building with the Assassination Target icon on it on your map, and you should be able to match its shape with the map of archer positions on the rooftop you got from your eavesdropping investigation. As the map indicates, climb the scaffolding on the east side of the building, then either take out the roving archer at the top, or wait until his back is turned and continue west up to the next level. The guards up there are fairly far apart, so you shouldn't have much trouble taking them out or avoiding them, as long as you leave the two guys at the southern face above the hospital entrance alone. You can then climb down to the inside courtyard behind the guards at the entrance. A much easier way to get inside is to simply blend in with the Scholars outside, and head in with them. The Citizen Save that will unlock the Scholars is just south of the hospital, right next to the steps leading up to it.

Garnier walks around from section to section, checking in on his patients. Guards are stationed all over the place, so use your blend when you're near them to escape notice. As long as you're walking around as a Scholar, you'll be fine. This mission can be as simple as walking up to Garnier when he's with a patient or walking between them, and stealth killing him with your hidden blade. The only thing you have to watch out for are the lunatics, who will break you cover if they start pushing you around too much. You can blend in with the group of Scholars, who will roam around the hospital, but this is pretty slow and as long as you're careful, it's pretty easy to avoid the lunatics. If you mess up or just want a brawl, you can throw caution to the wind and start a fight. This results in a pitched battle against the guards and Garnier himself, who is tougher and faster than his underlings.

After taking out Garnier, run out of the hospital and lose your pursuers in the city. When you've regained your clean status indicator, make your way to the Bureau to report in to the Bureau Leader. After showing your bloody feather, you'll have the option to be transported back to Al Mualim in Masyaf. You'll receive the ability to carry five throwing knives and tackle people out of your way when you're running so you don't lose your balance. After training in the courtyard on your new weapon, ride to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem: Rich District[edit]

View Points 9
Citizen Saves 12
Investigations needed 2
  • Objective: Assassinate Talal

Now that you have throwing knives, you'll notice that the big thugs walking around will be outlined, to help you target them. You can pickpocket these guys just like a normal pickpocket investigation, and you'll receive more throwing knives. If you're successful, a message will tell you how many you lifted or that you have your maximum number. In Jerusalem, as in the other cities, there is a Citizen being hassled outside, and you'll unlock a group of Scholars to get inside when you save him. When you get inside the city, the first View Point will be the big building on your right where the speaking is talking to the crowd in front. You can climb those huge windows on the front side, and they'll take you up to the roof where you'll have access to the bell tower.

In the southeast of the district is a large walled off area with both entrances guarded by soldiers. You can easily get in by scaling the wall one the side of the guards at the northern entrance. The large building inside can be climbed from practically anywhere, and so can the smaller structure on top of it, which leads to the ledge surrounding the golden dome where you can synchronize. If you want to take a leap of faith down, there's one off the southeastern corner of the main building. The View Point along the western edge of the district is a huge tower. To make it easier on yourself, take out the guards on nearby rooftops to the north and south before climbing up. Also, beware of the guard at the very top.


  • Eavesdropping: This investigation is in the northwest corner of the district, inside a guarded building. Use the Scholars on the west side of the building to get inside, then take a seat in the pews and listen in. Unfortunately, your Scholar friends don't wait around for you, so run out and hide yourself to reduce your alert status.
  • Informer: Just to the north and west of the entrance to the large guarded area in the southeast corner of the district, you will find one of your brethren. He wants 30 flags in three minutes from you. Start out by grabbing the flag behind him on the wall, then follow the flags in a tight loop out to the north, then back to the informer. The only time you need to deviate from your path is in the beginning after following the flags up the steps and around the corner. Go up the building behind you to grab the two flags there, then continue on and the rest will be lined up nicely.
  • Informer: At the middle of the north side of the district is another friend of yours. He wants you to take out a couple targets. One is walking around in the indoor market and one is stationary in the market, in a small alcove. Go down the steps just south of the informer and enter the market to the west. This will take you to the guard standing in the alcove. It's a good idea to take them out when they're apart from each other, as otherwise the death of the other will draw their attention. Take out the roving one first, so you can keep them apart, then do the other, easier one. It's also helpful if you don't kill the patrolling guard in the same hallway you want to take back to the informer, as you can fail the mission even after you take out the targets.
  • Interrogation: In the first courtyard when you enter the city you'll see a man talking in front of a building with two guards in front of him. Lock on to him, and follow him to a little alley behind a nearby building. Beat him when you get back there, out of sight of the courtyard.
  • Pickpocket: You will find two guys in a small intersection across from a guard with a fountain at his back in the southwest corner of the district.
Console version
  • Pickpocket: One of the pickpocket missions is inside a large walled off area with guards at both entrances, at the southeast corner of the district. You can easily gain access by climbing the wall to the side of the guards at the north entrance. Your target will be just ahead of you, slightly to the west. Pick his pocket then go back out the way you came.
Windows version
  • Informer: Another escort mission. Kill the two guards that attack, then continue to the gate.


Talal is a slaver who kidnaps the helpless citizens of his city and then sells them to the highest bidder. This was the source of Garnier's test subjects in Acre. Talal has a loyal following of guards, and he's not a traditional fighter, preferring to leave his minions behind to occupy you while he puts his mastery of the bow to use. You'll strike while Talal is inspecting his slaves in his warehouse within the Barbican to the north. The area is guarded at both western and southern entrances, but it's easy to gain access from the rooftops in the west, or you can use the Scholars to get through the southern entrance. His warehouse is in the northeast corner of the area, and you'll find that the only entrance to the building where your target is located, is in the northeast corner on the ground level.

Even though he's set a trap for you, this is a much easier assassination than it would seem – just ignore everyone but your target. Talal is an archer and likes to strike from a distance, so he will just run away from you as long as you're chasing him. When you start out, don't bother fighting anyone, just head up the ladder on the side of the room, then follow Talal outside up the other ladder on the other side of the building. All you have to do is chase him down, and if you have your hidden blade equipped, you'll take him out when you're near enough as soon as you attack. As soon as you get outside, jump to the building to your left, then take the wooden pegs across to him to begin the chase. When it's done, find a hiding place to get back to safe status, then go back to the Bureau and let Malik know you've completed your mission. He'll tell you to go report back to Al Mualim, but your memory block ends before you can start black to Masyaf.


After leaving the Animus, talk to Lucy a bit to find out a little more about your situation. When you head to your room this time, you'll see that your closet is open. If you search it, you'll find the keycode for your locked bedroom door. This will let you out to explore, although there's not much to do out there.