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Battle Isle
Box artwork for Battle Isle.
Developer(s)Blue Byte
Publisher(s)Blue Byte
Distributor(s)Good Old Games
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Turn-based strategy
System(s)MS-DOS, Amiga
Followed byBattle Isle Data Disk 1
SeriesBattle Isle
TwitchBattle Isle Channel

Battle Isle is a turn-based tactics computer game developed by the German developer Blue Byte Software. The storyline is set on a fictional planet called Chromos, whose society is technologically more advanced than that of contemporary Earth.

According to the story of the game, Battle Isle was developed by the Drull (the inhabitants of the planet Chromos) with the goal of finding the Great Strategist who can aid them in their battle against the mighy TitanNet. The game was bought by the earthling Walter Harris, who (as the player), is taken to Chromos to lead the drullian forces.

The development of the game was heavily influenced by the game Nectaris for the PC Engine which was released 2 years prior. The engine that was used in Battle Isle was reused again in the following years for Battle Isle Data Disk 1, Battle Isle '93 (also known as Battle Isle Data Disk 2 or The Moon of Chromos) and for History Line: 1914-1918.

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