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Emblems are unlocked mostly by challenges and can be added to your callsign, they do not affect gameplay. There are 294 Emblems altogether.

This page will list all the Perks and how to obtain them, click the section header above the emblem you want to obtain to get more information and tactics on how to obtain the emblems.

Primary Weapons[edit]

Secondary Weapons[edit]


Getting each Perk Challenge Level 6 (VI) will give you an emblem. There are 16 to obtain this way.

Emblem Requirement
CoD MW2 Perk MarathonPro.png Run 104 Miles using Marathon.
CoD MW2 Perk SlightOfHandPro.png Get 750 Kills using Sleight of Hand.
CoD MW2 Perk ScavengerPro.png Resupply 500 times while using Scavenger.
CoD MW2 Perk BlingPro.png Get 900 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments.
CoD MW2 Perk OneManArmyPro.png Get 750 kills using One Man Army.
CoD MW2 Perk StoppingPowerPro.png Get 1000 Kills using Stopping Power.
CoD MW2 Perk LightweightPro.png Sprint 250 miles using Lightweight.
CoD MW2 Perk HardlinePro.png Get 250 killstreaks using Hardline (2 kills in a row).
CoD MW2 Perk ColdBloodedPro.png Destroy 250 enemy killstreak rewards using Cold-Blooded
CoD MW2 Perk DangerClosePro.png Get 500 Kills with explosives While using Danger Close
CoD MW2 Perk CommandoPro.png Get 100 melee kills using Commando.
CoD MW2 Perk SteadyAimPro.png Get 500 hipfire kills using Steady Aim.
CoD MW2 Perk ScramblerPro.png Get 250 close range kills using Scrambler.
CoD MW2 Perk NinjaPro.png Get 250 close range kills using Ninja.
CoD MW2 Perk SitRepPro.png Destroy 750 Enemy Devices or Tactical Insertions while using SitRep.
CoD MW2 Perk LastStandPro.png Get 100 kills while in Last Stand.


Emblem Requirement
CoDMW2 Emblem Darkbringer.jpg Prevent 25 Tactical Insertions.
CoDMW2 Emblem Tactical Deletion.jpg Kill 25 players that spawn using Tactical Insertion.
CoDMW2 Emblem Grenade Kill III.png Kill 50 enemies with grenades.
CoDMW2 Emblem Plastered III.png Stick 30 players with a Semtex grenade.
CoDMW2 Emblem Carnie III.png Kill 30 players with a Throwing Knife.
CoDMW2 Emblem It's Personal.jpg Hurt an enemy then finish them with a Throwing Knife.
CoDMW2 Emblem Did You See That.jpg Kill someone with a Throwing Knife while flashed or stunned.
CoDMW2 Emblem Claymore Shot III.png Kill 30 enemies with Claymores.
CoDMW2 Emblem Jack-in-the-Box III.png Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of tactically inserting, 50 times.
CoDMW2 Emblem Solid Steel III.png Survive 50 explosions while using Blast Shield.
CoDMW2 Emblem C4 Shot III.png Kill 30 enemies by using C4.

Basic Training[edit]

Emblem Requirement
CoDMW2 Emblem-ghillie-in-the-mist.jpg Get 200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Crouch-Shot.jpg Kill 30 enemies while you are crouching.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Prone-Shot.jpg Kill 30 enemies while you are prone.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Point Guard.jpg Get 30 assists.
CoDMW2 Emblem-X-Ray-Vision.jpg Kill 15 enemies through a surface using bullet penetration.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Backdraft.jpg Destroy 15 enemy equipment.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Flyswatter.jpg Shoot down an enemy helicopter
CoDMW2 Emblem-Vandalism.jpg Destroy a car.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Goodbye.jpg Fall 30 feet to your death.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Base Jump.jpg Fall 15 feet or more and survive.


Emblem Requirement
CoDMW2 Emblem Free-For-All Victor III.jpg Place first, second or third in 10 free-for-all matches.
CoDMW2 Emblem Team Player III.jpg Win 30 Team Deathmatch matches.
CoDMW2 Emblem Search And Destroy Victor III.jpg Win 30 Search And Destroy matches.
CoDMW2 Emblem MVP Team Deathmatch.jpg Play Team Deathmatch and get the top score overall.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Hardcore-Team-Player.jpg Win 15 Hardcore Team Deathmatch game(s).
CoDMW2 Emblem Sabotage Victor III.jpg Win 50 Sabotage matches.
CoDMW2 Emblem MVP Team Hardcore.jpg Play Team Hardcore and get the top score overall.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Bomb-Down.jpg Kill the bomb carrier in a Sabotage or Search and Destroy match.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Bomb-Defender.jpg Kill 10 enemies while they are defusing a bomb.
CoDMW2 Emblem-Bomb-Prevention.jpg Kill 10 enemies while they are planting a bomb.
CoDMW2 Emblem Defuser II.jpg Defuse 10 Bombs.
CoDMW2 Emblem Last Man Standing.jpg Be the last man standing in Search And Destroy.
CoDMW2 Emblem Saboteur II.jpg Plant 10 Bombs.



Finishing Moves[edit]





Emblem Requirement
CoDMW2 Emblem Omnicide.jpg Kill the entire enemy team within 10 seconds. (At least 4 people must be on the team.
CoDMW2 Emblem Wargasm.jpg Get all 3 of your killstreak rewards within 20 seconds.
CoDMW2 Emblem The Bigger they are.jpg Kill the top player 3 times in a row.
CoDMW2 Emblem The Harder They Fall.jpg Kill the top player 5 times in a row.
CoDMW2 Emblem Epic.jpg Kill 10 enemies with a single killstreak.
CoDMW2 Emblem MOAB.gif Nuke the enemy while your team is losing
CoDMW2 Emblem The Denier.jpg Kill an enemy before they earn a 10 or higher killstreak reward.
CoDMW2 Emblem Carpet Bomb.jpg Kill 5 enemies with a single airstrike.
CoDMW2 Emblem Bomb's Away!.jpg Kill 6 enemies with a single Stealth Bomber.
CoDMW2 Emblem The Grim Reaper.jpg Kill 5 enemies with a single Predator Missile.
CoDMW2 Emblem Big Brother.jpg Call in a UAV 3 times in a single game.
CoDMW2 Emblem UAV Rays.jpg Counter the enemy's UAV 3 times in a single game.
CoDMW2 Emblem Afterburner.jpg Call in an airstrike 2 times in a single game.
CoDMW2 Emblem Top Gun.jpg Call in a helicopter 2 times in a single game.
CoDMW2 Emblem Gat Trigger.jpg Get a 5 kill streak while on a mounted machine-gun


Emblem Requirement
CoDMW2 Emblem Heads Up.png Kill an enemy by dropping a crate on them.
CoDMW2 Emblem Look! No Hands! IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a sentry gun.
CoDMW2 Emblem Predator IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a Predator Missile.
CoDMW2 Emblem Carpet Bomber IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a Precision Airstrike.
CoDMW2 Emblem You're Fired IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a Harrier.
CoDMW2 Emblem Chopper Veteran IV.png Get 1,000 kills with an Attack Helicopter.
CoDMW2 Emblem Jolly Green Giant IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a Pave Low.
CoDMW2 Emblem The Spirit IV.png Get 1,000 kills with a Stealth Bomber.
CoDMW2 Emblem Cobra Commander IV.png Get 1,000 kills as a Chopper Gunner.
CoDMW2 Emblem Spectre IV.gif Get 1,000 kills as an AC-130.
CoDMW2 Emblem Knife Veteran IV.jpg Get 250 knife kills.
CoDMW2 Emblem Last Stand Veteran IV.jpg Kill 100 enemies in Last Stand.
CoDMW2 Emblem Stealth IV.jpg Kill 1000 enemies with a Silencer attached.
CoDMW2 Emblem Stun Veteran IV.jpg Kill 300 enemies stunned by a Stun Grenade.
CoDMW2 Emblem Flashbang Veteran IV.jpg Kill 300 enemies blinded by a Flashbang Grenede.