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Star Fox
The logo for Star Fox.
Year introduced1993
Genre(s)Shooter, Action-adventure

Star Fox is a series of rail shooter and action-adventure games published by Nintendo. They star Fox McCloud and his team of pilots in the fantastic Lylat system.

The Star Fox series is best known for its on rails shooters, particularly the original Star Fox on the SNES and Star Fox 64 on the N64. These games were considered pioneers in their subgenre, and had millions of sales. Later games expanded the gameplay, but were met with less critical acclaim and sales. Nevertheless, the six entries in the Star Fox series, including the 3DS remake of 64, have sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

Star Fox is notable in that Nintendo frequently allows other developers to work on it. Specifically, no Star Fox game after 64 was created solely by Nintendo. Studios that have made Star Fox games include: Rare, whose sole GameCube project was Star Fox Adventures, a Zelda-like action-adventure; Namco, which made the other GameCube iteration in the series, Star Fox: Assault; and Q-Games, the company responsible for both Star Fox Command and the 3DS remake of 64.

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