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tri-Ace, Incorporated is a Japanese video game development company formed in 1995 by former Telenet Japan employees Yoshiharu Gotanda, Masaki Norimoto, and Joe Asanuma. The name is a play on words regarding the "three aces" who formed the company. All of tri-Ace's games have been published by Square Enix (originally by Enix).

The group exclusively makes console RPGs, and is known for giving their games action-packed battle systems and deep skill systems. This trademark style began when the founders of tri-Ace originally worked for Telenet Japan's Wolfteam, and had created Tales of Phantasia. This game, published by Namco, is a precursor to tri-Ace's own Star Ocean games in several ways; i.e. an action battle system where the player controls one character and AI controls others in the party and special battle skills that the player can assign to different buttons. Besides the Star Ocean series, they also released Valkyrie Profile in 1999.

Their most recent release (as of October 2006) is Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, released in the United States by Square Enix on September 26, 2006. The company is currently developing Infinite Undiscovery for a September release on the Xbox 360.

The company's sound programmer Hiroya Hatsushiba formed tri-Crescendo in 1999 which has since independently developed Baten Kaitos.