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The logo for Yoshi.
Year introduced1991
Genre(s)Action, Platform, Puzzle

Yoshi is the star of a series of games that have spun off from the series. Yoshi, a cartoon dinosaur, debuted in 1990's Super Mario World as one of Mario's sidekicks. However, he got his star debut in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, also simply known as Yoshi's Island, where several Yoshis must guide a baby Mario to his kidnapped brother Luigi.

The Yoshi series can be split into two main parts: platformer and other. Yoshi platformers take their lead from the original Yoshi's Island, and include Yoshi's Story for the N64 and Yoshi's Island DS for the DS. His other games tend to be puzzle games, such as Yoshi and Yoshi's Cookie. Yoshi is also a playable character in various Mario games, including the Mario Kart series.

Oddly enough, Yoshi refers to both the entire species and a particular member of the species that has helped Mario on many of his adventures.