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Cave Story does not have built-in cheats, but you can modify the save file to your advantage.

Profiles start with "Do041220". You can search for this string to move through the different save slots in Cave Story+. You will need to add the offset that the profile starts at to the data value offsets.


All values (unless explicitly stated) are 32-bit unsigned ints, little-endian. To be clear, "1C" refers to the 32-bit int starting at 1C, ranging to 1F.

Open Profile.dat with a hex editor to manipulate the following values:

Offset Description
0x08 Save location (This link [1] lists most of them but omits any hexadecimal values like 4F - Prefab House.)
0x1C Max Health
0x20 Current Health
There are 6 weapon slots, add 0x14 * (weapon number) to the following offsets to modify the other weapon slots. (These are the offsets for the first weapon)
0x38 Weapon Type (see "Weapon Types")
0x3C Weapon Level
0x40 Weapon EXP Level
0x44 Max Ammo
0x48 Current Ammo
There are 24 inventory slots, add 0x4 * (inventory slot number) to the following offset to modify the other inventory item slots.
0xD8 Item Type (see "Inventory Item Types")
Difficulty (Cave Story+ only)
0x610 Difficulty (0 for normal, 2 for easy, 4 for hard)

Weapon Types[edit]

ID (decimal) ID (hex) Description
0 0x00 None
1 0x01 Snake
2 0x02 Polar Star
3 0x03 Fireball
4 0x04 Machine Gun
5 0x05 Missile Launcher
6 0x06 Missiles [Bad]
7 0x07 Bubbler
8 0x08 ??? [Bad]
9 0x09 Blade
10 0x0A Super Missile
11 0x0B Super Missiles [Bad]
12 0x0C Nemesis
13 0x0D Spur
14 0x0E "Hajime" [Bad]

Inventory Item Types[edit]

ID (decimal) ID (hex) Description
0 0x00 None
1 0x01 Arthur's Key
2 0x02 Map System
3 0x03 Santa's Key
4 0x04 Silver Locket
5 0x05 Beast Fang
6 0x06 Life Capsule
7 0x07 ID Card
8 0x08 Jellyfish Juice
9 0x09 Rusted Key
10 0x0A Gum Key
11 0x0B Gum Base
12 0x0C Charcoal
13 0x0D Bomb
14 0x0E Dog
15 0x0F Life Pot
16 0x10 Cure-All
17 0x11 Clinic Key
18 0x12 Booster v0.8
19 0x13 Arms Barrier
20 0x14 Turbocharge
21 0x15 Air Tank
22 0x16 290 Counter
23 0x17 Booster v2.0
24 0x18 Mimiga Mask
25 0x19 Teleporter Room Key
26 0x1A Sue's Letter
27 0x1B Controller
28 0x1C Broken Sprinkler
29 0x1D Sprinkler
30 0x1E Tow Rope
31 0x1F Medal of the Red Ogre
32 0x20 Mister Little
33 0x21 Mushroom Badge
34 0x22 Ma Pignon
35 0x23 Curly's Panties
36 0x24 Alien Medal
37 0x25 Chako's Rouge
38 0x26 Whimsical Star
39 0x27 Iron Bond

There are save file utilities that can change these values for you, and are available from the most common fan sites.