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China Warrior is a linear game. You begin on the first stage of the first area. You must proceed through all three stages of one area to advance to the next area. You must survive all four areas to complete the game. There are no warps or shortcuts. In between each area, you are presented with a small mini-game for extra points.


China Warrior mini-game.png

After clearing the third stage of the first, second, and third areas, you will have the chance to earn a few extra points. You will stand in front of a very tall vase, swinging a nun-chuck. A meter on the right features a cursor that slides up and down between the words "MIN" and "MAX". This represents the power with which you will strike the vase. When you are ready, press the I button or II button button to strike the vase. The more power you have when you hit the vase, the more points you will earn. However, nothing but the most accurate timing will allow you to crack the vase completely.

  • Strike the vase when the cursor is next to "MAX" to earn 20,000 points and fill your health meter.
  • Strike the vase between "MAX" and the 75% mark to earn 10,000 points.
  • Strike the vase between the 75% and 50% mark to earn 5,000 points.
  • Pressing the button when the cursor is below 50% will result in a failure to hit the vase.