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Box artwork for Dawn of Fantasy.
Dawn of Fantasy
Developer(s)Reverie World Studios
Publisher(s)505 Games
Year released2011
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB Teen
LinksOfficial websiteDawn of Fantasy ChannelSearchSearch

Dawn of Fantasy is a persistent online real-time strategy game set in the robust land of Mythador, where players must choose from one of three distinct races as they vie for power and control. Each race has its unique story arcs and history,making up for a distinct story and gameplay features for each race. Build your villages into empires, cast powerfully devastating magic against your foes and utilize fantastical allies like ogres and dragon mercenaries to lay siege to your opponents and reign supreme in Mythador!

For those who don't fancy online multiplayer to start with, there are three single player modes to enjoy. There are the lay siege and castle defend modes to get the hang of dawn of fantasy and recreate famous sieges of Mythador.

The single player mode, Kingdom Wars, plays similarly to a Total War campaign. The player starts in control of one of the major NPC towns in Mythador and is at war with two or three others. Towns your at war with will send armies to attack the town or towns you control. Neutral towns can provide mercenaries,healing and training to your troops and resources for purchase. Towns you have a favorable rating with will often accept a trade agreement with your towns providing a steady flow of resources in and out.

This is the initial offering from Reverie World Studios and the project that had begun over 10 years ago in an Age of Kings Heaven Games Forum as a major mod idea that quickly morphed into a full "new game" project. Because of this starting place, the team working on dof has stayed true to the principle that a game should be fun to play and have original and creative ideas that haven't been beaten to death in the rts genre. It's not uncommon to find one or more devs playing the game along with the gamers in the world of Mythador keeping them both connected to the gamers and made aware of any bugs that need fixing. They also interact on the forum to see what the community is saying and it's this awareness of the community that has enabled dof to survive it's premature birth and continued to grow stronger.

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