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Day of Defeat: Source has two main gametypes: territorial control or detonation, with certain maps based around those two gametypes.

Territorial control[edit]

In territorial control maps, the objective for both teams is to capture the designated territories on the map and defend them until all of the flags are captured. Almost all maps (except user-made maps) contain five territories that require either one or two players (or more in user-made maps) to stay at the point until its capture time expires. Typically, single territories (which only require one player) take a small amount of time to capture, where some that require two players take a larger amount of time to capture. Territories are captured by standing next to (or very close to) the nearby flag until the capture time expires... They can also be blocked by enemies when they stand near it, which means you cannot capture the territory until that enemy leaves the area. Once it is captured, the flag of your team will be designated at that point (but beware: the enemy can capture it back). As a flag is held over time, points are added to that team's overall score; when all of the flags are captured, the team's total points are incremented by one. The territories that must be captured are shown by the points on your map in the top-right corner.



In detonation maps, the objectives for both teams is to detonate two explosive devices at every opposing checkpoint. In some maps, you must do this whilst defending your own points (such as dod_colmar), while in others you must either attack or defend, but not both (dod_jagd follows this method). The latter form has a round timer which adds time for each objective destroyed. When time has run out, the opposing team will receive the point.