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Deep Dungeon item.png



Weapon Name AP Cost Location
ほそみのけん Thin Blade 5 80G 1F Shop
どうのつるぎ Copper Sword 10 120G 1F Shop
せんとうヤリ Combat Spear 20 200G 1F Shop
てオノ Hand Axe 30 400G 1F Shop
てつのつるぎ Iron Sword 40 800G B3 Shop
いくさオノ Battle Axe 50 1000G B3 Shop
たいまのけん Taima Sword 70 3000G B3 Shop
ルウのけん Sword of Ruu 90 N/A Defeat in B6


Armor Name AC Cost Location
かわのふく Leather Clothes 5 40G 1F Shop
くさりよろい Chain Mail 10 80G 1F Shop
うろこよろい Scale Armor 20 200G 1F/B3 Shop
てつのよろい Iron Armor 30 700G 1F/B3 Shop
ルウのよろい Armor of Ruu 56 N/A Defeat in B5


Shield Name AC Cost Location
きのたて Wooden Shield 5 20G 1F Shop
かわのたて Leather Shield 10 40G 1F Shop
うろこのたて Scale Shield 15 100G 1F/B3 Shop
てつのたて Iron Shield 20 500G B3 Shop
おおきなたて Large Shield 30 800G B3 Shop
ルウのたて Shield of Ruu 40 N/A Defeat in B4


Regular Items[edit]

Item Name Cost Description
パン Bread 20G Bread can restore your HP when you are away from the king. You can hold up to 9 of them.
せいすい Holy Water 60G Holy Water removes the effect of poison. You can hold up to 9 of them.
コンパス Compass 500G The Compass shows your current coordinates on the floor you use it on.
すいしょう Crystal 500G Using the Crystal shows you a map of your closest surroundings on the floor.


All Spells cost exactly 1 HP to cast. This means if you have only 1 HP left, and you cast a spell, you will die.

Item Name Cost Description
こうりょう Perfume 200 Puts an enemy to sleep.
せいなるはい Voice Threat 400 Mutes an enemy, preventing them from using magic against you.
いかずち Thunder 300 The spell of thunder will paralyze an enemy.
こいし Pebble 100 This spell sends a gust of wind that causes an amount of damage proportional to your level.
まき Tome 800 Casting this spell causes a high powered blast to rip through your opponent, but the accuracy is low.
ぬのきれ Warp Clothes 800 This spell will warp you back to B3 or outside the inn. There is a chance that using this spell may warp you into a wall and kill you, so save before you use it.

Key Items[edit]

Item Name Location Description
かぎ Key B3 Use this key to open the locked door found in B1.
ちず Map 1F/B2/B3 The map shows you your current position on a given floor.
ふね Ship B5 Use the Ship to navigate through the bodies of water found in B5.
マーク Mark Ring B7 The Mark Ring is necessary to open the portal to the Underground World.
かんむり Prince's Crown B7 You need possession of this crown before you can successfully talk to the Princess.
たんけん Short Sword Underground World Using the Short Sword grants the wielder with the possibility of a one hit kill against one enemy.