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The digivolution levels a Digimon can be are: Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. When a digimon reaches a certain EL they will be able to Digivolve.

  • Rookie to Champion at EL11
  • Champion to Ultimate at EL21
  • Ultimate to Mega at EL31
Not all Digimon are able to Digivolve into a Mega form.


  • By gaining a new form, a Digimon should gain a new technique
  • If the Digimon knew higher level techniques in past generations it will begin to learn them every time a new EL is gained.
  • The game keeps track of how many times a single Digimon has been combined. Many species of Digimon are able to Digivolve into a different better form than the default if this combination number is high enough.
  • Stats like Offense, Defence, Speed, HP, and MP go a lot higher.

DNA Digivolving[edit]

This is the process of combining 2 different Digimon. The new Digimon will start off as a level below the lowest level Digimon in the combination. They will also be the lowest EL that can be of that level.

Champion + anything = EL 1 Rookie
Ultimate + Ultimate or Mega = EL11 Champion
Mega + Mega = EL 21 Ultimate

The most important reason to DNA Digivolve your Digimon is to increase their maximum possible EL. All Digimon have a maximum EL they can reach. When 2 Digimon are combined, the maximum EL is recalculated. Here is the equation:

First EL Digimon's EL + (Second EL Digimon's EL / 5) = new max EL

The higher level digimon isn't necessarily the one who's EL will be added on to. It is actually the first digimon that you choose in the DNA Digivolution, which can either be the stronger or the weaker digimon. Be sure to only DNA Digivolve Digimon that are at max EL. You can tell if they are at their maximum because they can no longer gain experience. Their experience needed bar will always say 9999999 in this state.

Type effects[edit]

Each type has a different type that it is weak or strong towards.

The outcome of the combination depends on what type is more dominant. Data wins over Vaccine, Vaccine wins over Virus, and Virus wins over Data. The new Digimon will resemble the Digimon of the more dominant type after DNA Digivolving.

Type outcome from DNA Digivolving
Virus Vaccine Data
Virus Virus Vaccine Virus
Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine Data
Data Virus Data Data

Combination Outcomes[edit]

When 2 Digimon are combined with DNA Digivolving a specific Digimon will be created. There is no randomness to this.