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Dragon Scroll map Zarik.png

Compared to Dermos Forest, the desert kingdom of Zarik is quite small. In fact, it's the smallest region in the entire game. As a result, it doesn't contain a lot of features. There's a tunnel entrance on the east side of the desert below the entrance, which leads to a small closed off section of the south west corner with nothing of significance. There is also a statue in the middle of a spiral of stones which will produce a chest after being shot four times, and opening the chest will restore your health.

The focus of your time in Zarik will revolve around the tower located in the north west corner of the desert, and a second hidden tower that is located to the south of the first tower. The desert is occupied by mummies who can throw their hands at you, as well as scorpions and bats. You will also encounter the occasional small creature which, when defeated, will share information with you.

A: Zarik Tower[edit]

The entrance to Zarik Tower is in the north west corner

The tower in the north west corner of the desert is your first goal. From the entrance, you can cross to the left until you reach the opposite side, Along the way you will encounter bats and scorpions, but the mummies are the greatest threat. They are fairly quick, can attack from a distance, and take four hits to defeat at an early level. A pair of them generate on the north side of the passage that leads to the tower (A). As tough as they are, they are a good source of experience points early on in the game.

When you enter the tower, you will arrive on the first floor. The tower has four floors all together, but you will not be able to gain access to the basement level, accessed through a locked door on the first floor, until you collect the Magic Key. For now, head up to the top, and you'll see a locked door to the left and an open door to the right. Take out the two bats and the mummy that await you. Remember that three more will spawn from the same location. Approach the door on the right. There is little reason to go beyond the door at this time; all you will find by continuing on is a treasure chest which restores magic.

The second floor is one giant spiral corridor. Follow it all the way around counter-clockwise from the outside to the inside, and take out any mummies or bats that you encounter along the way. When you arrive on the third floor, you can go right or left. The right path leads to a dead-end patrolled by mummies. There are two paths to the left. The far one dead-ends at a location where a pair of mummies spawn (good for experience points). The middle path leads you up and to the right where you will find a man who has been turned to stone. You must break this curse, and the ony means you have to accomplish that is the Yunke Fruit. Use it on him and he will come to life. He will thank you for rescuing him, but he doesn't have any books on him. He will tell you to look in the Illusion tower. Now you must return to the first floor and exit the tower.

B: The Tower of Illusion[edit]

Use the Rain Bell followed by the Yunke Fruit at this location

You will have heard, by now, of an Illusion tower, but the means to find it, or even how to get in remain a mystery throughout the game. The only way to figure it out is through trial and error. If you travel south from the tower that you just explored, you will find a circular rock formation (B) which resembles the picture to the left. Clear the area of enemies and stand inside the circle. First, use the Rain Bell to create a thunderstorm. When the lightning has passed, switch to the Yunke Fruit, and shoot it into a center of the circle. Lo and behold, you will reveal the secret entrance to the Illusion tower.

Shoot this lone statue in the basement to find the Magic Key.

This tower, like the previous one, is three stories high, with a basement floor as well. However, you can actually access the basement this time. Head right from the entrance, and the path will branch to the left and to the right. The right path leads to the basement. Follow it down and around, battling the mummies as you go, until you reach the door at the top of the map which leads to the basement. Defeat the bat and head in, then walk all the way down and to the left. You'll eventually see a statue and two spawn locations for mummies. After defeating eight of them, approach the statue and use the Yunke Fruit on it to make a chest appear. Open the chest to find the Magic Key. If you explore the remainder of the floor, you will eventually find a chest in a dead-end at the upper left corner of the floor which restores your magic.

Shoot the far left statue on the top floor to find the Hades Bell

Return to the first floor, and take the left path at the split near the entrance to the tower. This will send you on your way to the top of the tower. Take out the three scorpions that greet you on the second floor, and follow the path to the right. As it doubles back to the left, you will spot a treasure chest in a small room. Open it to have your life restored. Then follow the lower passage back to the right to reach the entrance to the third floor. From the bottom, cross to the left, and there will be two paths to take. The left path leads to an empty treasure chest, where you note that the thief named Safra must have lied to you. The right path leads to a room with five statues. If you use the Yunke Fruit on the left-most statue, you will find a chest containing the Hades Bell, which has the power to prematurely cancel the effect of any other bell that you ring. Having accomplished all of this, it's time to exit the tower and return to the previous tower to discover what became of Safra.

Back to Zarik Tower[edit]

Return to the tower and rescue the thief one more time.

Having plundered the Tower of Illusion, and discovering that the chest which should have contained the Book of Wind was empty, you should return to the original tower (A) and explore it to see if you can find more clues. However, you won't have to go far. If you walk around the first floor and explore the lower right corner, you will find Safra, turned once more into stone. Use the Yunke Fruit on him again, and he will surrender the book in exasperation. The treasure chest above him to the left will restore your lost magic. Additionally, if you succeeded in retrieving the Magic Key, you can now open the door in the upper left corner to the basement. However, all that you'll find down there are many annoying bats and scorpions, as well as a chest that restores your health in the lower left corner.

Once you attain the Book of Wind, you can head back to Dermos. Assuming you are following along with the walkthrough, you are ready for step E.