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On this stage, you should work as much as possible to get as many red items as possible, preferably to max out the amount of power that you have. If you have not done so, you will have to deal with a large swarm of enemies.


The demi boss fires in a three-volley pattern, before teleporting to a new position.

  • A clockwise spiral of bullets
  • Counter-clockwise
  • Two fans of bullets; the first is spread out, while the second converges directly towards you.

If you can, wait until the bullets are at least partially deployed before defeating the boss. This allows you to either maximize either graze or point bonus for destroying this boss. Destroying the boss early also gives access to red items.


The first volley is dangerous:

  • Bullets are fired in a tight pattern towards you in three waves. On higher difficulties, these bullets are more numerous, and the later waves are spread out. In addition, there is a circular ring of bullets supporting these waves of bullets.
  • Bullets are fired in a ring, which then converge on you. This makes grazing easy, but there is also a circular ring of bullets that provide support.

Her first spell:

On easy or Normal:

  • Five bullets are occasionally fired in a fan.
  • From he side, Bullets are fired in a closing arc. You can increase some gap sizes by sideways movement.

On hard or Lunatic:

  • Bullets are fired out in concentric circles, before they stop. They then rotate to the side and move forward slowly.

Her second volley is much weaker:

  • Bullets are fired constantly in a circular pattern.
  • Once in a while, she will fire three beam fans at you.

Her next spell:

  • She fires a large quantity of bullets randomly, before freezing them in place. While they are frozen, she will fire a spread of bullets towards you, before unfreezing the previously fired bullets. For this spell, look for an open space, and try moving just outside before the fan of bullets is launched.

Her last spell:

  • She simply fires bullets randomly, at varying speeds.