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Version 1.0.6b (January 30, 2010)[edit]

New Features
  • 5 New map screens (Ulysses' Workshop, Science Center)
  • 2 New NPCs (Mort and MerchBot)
  • You can now use the Hovercraft to fly to different locations!
  • Several new weapons!
  • Added a "What's New" section in-game
  • Improved moderator tools
Performance Improvements
  • Fewer overall database hits
  • Added timers on certain actions (find battle, shopping, time left)
  • Reduced number of allowed movement clicks per time period
  • Reduced number of allowed home searches per time period
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED - Reduced battles hangs when certain players disconnect
  • FIXED - Repaired loss calculations for battles that "Fail to Start"
  • FIXED - Retrain bug when player disconnects
  • Language filter improvements
Coming VERY Soon
  • Item Upgrades (we need just a bit more time to get things right!)
  • Character Webpages (will come next after item upgrades are ready)