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Starting stats[edit]

In the beginning of the game, mercenaries are clearly the best. For levels 1-10 focus on getting hybrid to max. With max hybrid most bounty hunter and some mage attacks will do relatively nothing. Coupled with some OK strength, just hack away at your enemy. You should have a relatively perfect record if you use this method. For bounty hunter just leave hybrid as physical and for mages just switch hybrid. From 10-16 you should stay in 1v1 and mostly likely the best method is strength. Strength build with FC and a heal along with max hybrid should make for mostly all wins. From 17-25, 1v1 gets considerably harder even with hybrid and I only recommend getting lvl 23. You should still win most of the time. Once you get lvl 23, buy Mjolnir. You can choose to stay in 1v1 to 25, but you record WILL suffer. Become a support mercenary and go to 2v2 until lvl 31. When you do get lvl 31, you should have amassed quite a bit of money to make yourself a strength build. Buy the up to date current items and follow a strength build and you should do well!


As you have learned from the passage above, mercenaries require maximum hybrid. There is no choice. So far the only types of successful mercenaries are strength, support and sometimes tech. Strength and tech is generally 1v1 and support is generally 2v2. Strength builds generally tend to distribute points as max hybrid, max FC, 1 berserker, some in heal and some in intimidate. Strength builds need OK strength (unless you're not using FC, then you need relatively high strength), 40-50 without stat modifiers. You also need good DEX because you do not want to block a ton. Tech, and your stat mod need to give you around 20-24 resistance and support should be decent. Tech builds generally have a max SS with high tech. You can choose to play a bunker along with it but it hamper your play because you need so much manna. With this high tech and hybrid you should have a very nice defence. Have 101 hp and 59 manna (or more if you are using bunker, but not recommended). Use weapon, gun and aux to get their HP down and then use SS to give them a ton of damage and take their rage. If you have bunker, rage it next. For the skill tree, if you are not using bunker, have max SS, max hybrid and 7 heal. The rest of the points can be anywhere. The level-7-heal is for 2 heals instead of a max SS.

  • Mercenary is the worst class in the game, Although they are debuffed - their multi skill - 5% from 20% ignored defense.
  • In 2vs2 the first 3 level is for hybrid armor (+6 def/resis). After that, go for multi skill until it is maximum. then for hybrid armor (firstly) and their bazooka skill. Using this method with support (100+)+hp+tech build, mercenary is very strong in 2vs2.

Best result: win:loss 6:1 until level 25 (because of varium things...)

A rather uncommon build is the tech build. Most people do not know this, but if used correctly can own the game. The best way to make a tech build is below.

  • Max Hybrid.
  • Max Bunker Buster.
  • 60-70 health.

25-35 Dexterity. And as much tech as you can get. For level 30:

Max Hybrid, Max Bunker buster, level 1 Intimidate, level 1 Maul, level 1 Atom Smasher, and level 7 Blood Shield. The only skills this build uses are Bunker, Atom Smasher, and Blood Shield. Stats are 73 health, 89 energy, 35 (+12) Strength, 35 (+17) Dexterity, 55 (+24) Technology, 35 (+14) Support. The weapons used for this are Mjolnir (Primary weapon), Desert Blaster (Sidearm), Space Warrior P (Armor), Thunder Cannon (Auxillary). The resulting resistance and defence levels from this are Defence: 17-21 +8 +1. Resistance: 29-35 +1. Remember, always carry boosters just in case, but use them wisely!

Note: The tech build usually only works with higher level players.

OK. This Merc build is a rather different concept Through most people and it kills 99% of everyone you see. It is a Vararium Tank with high Robot damage and good for juggernaut. It has a high heal and an energy zap with lethal robot attacks (28-32 +30) Its a level 33 tank and most Malfunction skills are useless against it. Use this build set up:

  • 75 Health points
  • 51 Energy
  • 45 strength (+12)
  • 48 Dexterity (+35)
  • 52 Technology (+41)
  • 45 Support (+4)
  • xx Focus (level 5)
  • xx Agility (100)
  • Chambermaids club (enhance +5 tech and +3 dex)
  • Marauder boom stick (enhance Tech +5 dex +1)
  • Bbunny borg e or space warrior e (enhance Tech +5 Dex +3)
  • Neutron Blaster (enhance tech +5 dex +1)
  • Any robot that has 2 attacks (no enhancement)

Skill Tree is...

  • 9 Field medic (33 energy) - 55 health heal.
  • Max Hybrid Armour (0 energy) - +12 defense (never resistance for this build).
  • 1 Intimidate (10 energy) - Minus 17 Str.
  • 1 maul (12 energy) - 22% stun.
  • Max blood shield (13 health to Resistance) - Helpful For though malfing mages.
  • 3 Atom smasher ( 8 Energy) - Gets rid of 26 - 27 Energy of an enemy for low cost, you can do it twice in a fight.
  • Primary 14 - 17 +32 (physical)
  • Sidearm 14 - 17 +32 (physical)
  • Auxiliary 14 - 17 + 31 (energy)
  • Robot 28 - 32 +30 (physical and Energy)
  • Defense 25 - 30 +1 +12
  • Resistance 30 - 36 +1 (bunny borg +9) (space warrior +8)

This build is great for 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 And juggernaut 2 vs 1 (you). People do very low damage to you while you're hitting 20 - 50 n them and when they think they got you down to 1 - 30 Heal massive full heal almost (55) and cream them. Support mercs with 140 Support hit 15s with there aux at best. Win Lose 30/1 kills warlords - commanders in rank. Very good for every job and can kill Most of Epic duels NPC's. Hope you found it useful, make sure to have level 9 heal and the full skill tree or it doesn't work as well.

Epicduel/Tatical Mercenary[edit]

The tatical mercenary is an evolved and enhanced form of the mercenary which is introduced in the Delta phase of epic duel.


  • Field Medic
  • Double Strike
  • Hybrid Armor
  • Maul
  • Technician
  • Smokescreen
  • Reroute
  • Frenzy
  • Artillery Strike
  • Surgical Strike
  • Atom Smasher
  • Toxic Grenade

Epic Duel is still being upsted with Delta phase and it costs 50,000 credits OR 900 varium to change to this class. When you change your class you can reapply your skills when you change your class and your battle record will not be deleted. These tatical mercenary and best in juggernaut battles when they are very high level(30-lvl cap). Tatical mercenary are very strong in the other types of battle as well.


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