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  • Practice makes perfect. You should always test your new weapons capabilities in practice mode. Also try always getting your aim marker exactly where it has to be when doing maneuvers in practice; it not only makes your eye precision better, but helps your reflexes.

Staggering your fire[edit]

  • Don't unload on an opponent unless you are fairly sure you can kill them with one steady megablast of weaponry. Instead, use single clicks (especially with SMG's); basically you want to use burst fire tactics, alternating which weapon you fire. This way you can spread the damage over time however the actual resulting damage is higher because one of the weapons has a small cooldown period while the other is firing.

Using Landscape for your advantage[edit]

  • Try thinking instead of going kamikaze or rushing on the enemy hoping that you will kill them.
  • Hide behind any object you can while shooting when chasing after them.
  • Deaths are not important during TC as long as that aerogate is capped. Survival is not necessary for individual team members, especially if your team is losing by points and only 2 minutes are left to cap the enemies main base.

Last Stand[edit]

  • You have a radio! If you happen to be where the enemy spawns, let out a shout so your teammates know where to go!
  • Rockets and Cannons work wonders on groups!
  • For the love of all that is holy, do not try to do a level 5 Last Stand until you're at least a Chief Master Sergant! If you want to try it with your friends and whatever other fools you want in your own game, that's fine, but don't join a game (especially in progress) if you're just some trainee! Save yourself some embarrassment and wait until you're a higher rank.



  • Changing the colour of your armour to a colour that doesn't stand out the most will actually make your job in killing a whole lot easier.
    • eg. A moth that is white and lands on a tree which lets say black, that moth can stand out and be hunted easily due it being white that is what I mean. You will be the hunted.
  • Camoflage in this case does not mean blending into the surroundings. It is impossible to blend a mech into any of the terrain with any degree of success. Instead, it means having the same color mech as the rest of your team, such that they have a more difficult time picking out any one individual. For open matches, this gennerally means your default basic gray, while more advanced team/clan play means choosing one color/pattern for the team will net the most advantage.

Vs. Swords/Spear/Blades[edit]

  • Having speed armour such as Scootwing armour or Zeeker Armour will help dramatically.
  • The trick is to understand when he'll slash, before trying to boost.
  • Sometimes people will slash at you, and misjudge their range, and miss you on their own. If you boost towards them before they even try to hit you, chances are they will swing before you're past them, and you'll feel that home-run go right through your circuitry.


Jumping around can be a great way to increase your survivability, performing quick jumps left and right greatly increases your evasiveness, and other players with have a harder time targeting you. However, If you have a hard time keeping someone targeted, this strategy might not be for you, on the other hand, If you can control your cursor accurately, then the quick jumping strategy will prove extremely effective against most players, however, sword wielders are dangerous as they can knock you down and impair your movement, so having adequate boosters are recommended.

Finding out if an Enemy has low Health[edit]

  • Ways to figure out if they have Low Health.
    • Watch who is normally rushing but suddenly drops back. Snipe them with rifles or run after him and kill him.
    • People who are rushing to health pads.
    • People who are running away.
    • People that use their skills (especially at lower levels).
  • What to do if you know they have low health and they are boosting away.
    • Wait 2 secs then boost, considering he's boosting away he has to run out sometime, so when he runs out you got an extra 2 seconds to catch up.
    • Try to head them off in another direction if possible.
    • Get to high ground if you can't find him and look for him from there.

Team Deathmatches[edit]

  • Don't try to act like a hero and rush straight into the enemy lines.
  • It's smart to stick close to your team.
  • Use messages such as attack, retreat, etc. Comes in handy in desperate situations.
  • If your team is being ambushed, use alternate tactics such as backstabs or flanks to confuse the opponents, they will be trapped in a circle of death.
  • Luring an enemy opponent so they are separated from the team is a very useful tactic, so you can ambush them and pick off the team easily one by one.
  • Don't demand people to heal you all the time, respect your team mates.
  • If someone is very angry, wants you dead, and stalk you around constantly, (always happening to me) then make them follow you to your teammates to have them deal with your predator .
  • Though it's easy to see why people will think you're a jerk for doing this, aiming at mechs being shot at is a sound tatic in larger battles. Remember, no matter the mechs health, each shot hurts just as much. So kill 'em quick and move on to the next mech. Just remember, the credits are pretty much the same for each team member, and the winners get twice as much as the losing team.


  • When using a rifle, cannon or any long ranged type weapon, the best thing to hide behind is your team mates, due to the range requirements, and let the blade users take the brunt of it, and try to keep behind one to hide from the enemies' crosshairs.
  • SMGs are best used with something to circle around. A rock, pillar, whatever. Practice getting that split second target, unload a clip and keep running around the object. The gun will shoot straight through most things if you fired at them when they had a targeting ring around them.
  • Cannons / rockets. These long range weapons are best used from a cliff, or anywhere else out of the way, as maximum range is best.
  • SMGs are a great close mid-range weapon, but just be sure to not be on top of the enemy or else you cannot lock on. SMGs require a small distance to lock on, so be sure to get used to it.


  • Having Healers is one of the best ways to win in team games.
  • Don't forget to provide cover and support for your healers.
  • If you're in a territory game, and you're on a healthpad while a healer is near you with low health, get off the health pad and let them heal you while they heal on the pad.


  • If you are a good light mech, bull rush the flag in the beginning of the game. If you are successful, this will help greatly as most teams get really defensive and flag caps can get rare later in the match.
  • Runners get much better when with a group. The speed is best for running back, run in with a group and then ditch them on the way to return it so they can give you cover.
  • On Simulation Arena, the tunnel is the ultimate weapon, cap early and hold it. If the enemy has it, it becomes nearly impossible to get it back and gives them a base that has access to almost the entire map.
  • Rockets will stop flag carriers in their tracks, and are easy to hit with because carriers usually go straight to try to get out faster. Rockets can also hold narrow passageways by themselves. No one wants to step out in front of something with heavy splash damage unless they have a death wish.
  • If you are losing by only 1 or 2 points, try to keep your team spirits high. When people start losing, they tend to give up. Rally your team back together and work together to get the flag.
  • A good(and usually called cheap) tactic to use when winning is to grab the flag and hunker in a defensive position with your entire team defending you. There won't be much boredom, as the enemy team will try their all to get it back. Plus, they will be down a mech because their flag carrier will stay at the flag spot in case someone gets the retrieval.
  • If you suck in the front line, stay with a guy or two to create some sort of barricade around the flag.


Cannons are the most powerful, but the hardest weapon to use in Exteel, so better strategies must be used in every battlefield to become an effective cannoneer.

  • If you are going to use a cannon as a beginner, buy the Omega Tristone launcher A, B or even C, because it this is the only weapon in Exteel that has a best sensitive lock on angle (unlike other lock-on angles that it requires the full body of the target to attack, the lock-on angle of the omega tristone is too sensitive; it only requires the head, leg, booster, or even the arms of the target) but don't get used to it too long, because there are too many cannons that will suit your strategy.
  • Others prefer that "big mechs must have big guns", and that's the worst. Heavy mechs can endure the damage and high accuracy, but running would be too impossible. Create a mech, a lighter head, core, and leg but a heavy arm (only heavy mech arms has the highest accuracy in Exteel).
  • If your a cannon user, use the "path lock" strategy to hit your targets. This strategy is superior to cannon user's because it has an ambush and also a first hit advantage to the cannon user:
    • Ambush because after you spotted a lone enemy in the battlefield you can lock his path and give him a chilling damage effect.
    • First hit because when you locked up his path, the enemy will put into his mind that you didn't notice him. Then when the enemy passes through your lock-on reticle, bang! you have a first hit advantage.
  • The best auxiliary weapon for a cannon user is a spear/shotgun and a sword/shield because of its weight, you can run to your hunters and also you can make a strategic kill to them.
  • Pick your shots; choose the easiest ones to kill that will also give you a good score. You have an advantage over those enemies doing their last skill (using their skill when their HP is low), as they are the easiest to kill.
  • If someone escaped from your fire you better not hunt your target down. It's wise to let him live and wait for the assist.
  • If you have a hunter (especially in DM where they can see through radar the top three players), don't stay in one place. If you get one kill, search for another place to deploy, even if someone locked you up.
  • A real cannoneer must never be fooled by anyone; stay in your position and don't get lured by anyone.
  • If needed, do the "assault cannon" strategy. Using your cannon inside the battlefield it's very effective in TDM and in CTF because you can kill some runners swiftly. But doing this is quite to risky, because all Exteel players hate cannons. When they spot you using a cannon, you will be hunted by everyone.