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FFCC Crystal Bearers Capital Gate Hall mission.png

Upon entering, you will be told you can press 1 button to open the Main Menu and then Select Mission to view your current objectives. Doing so will open a map and a message. Large boulders will be all around the area. Aim and press B button and use Remote button to throw them out of the way. Before leaving, go behind the receptionist's desk to find a chest full of money. Go through the side pathway by moving the boulders out of the way. You will then be in a new area, Clock Plaza.

Clock Plaza[edit]

You will now be told you can use Neutral dpad to look around you. Move to the right to see another receptionist's desk with another chest behind it. Go down the stairs. Between both stairs will be a Save Point. After a short scene, move forward and someone will approach you with a speech bubble over their head. When you see this, press A button to hear what the person has to say. They will tell you the Great Clock has stopped. Target it and launch yourself to the middle. The Great Clock will then start working again. Open the chests to the left and the right before going through the passage in front of you. Keep moving forward, then go to the train on the left. After waiting on the train, you will arrive in Fountain Park Avenue.