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The controls consist of an 8-way joystick and two buttons, JUMP and ATTACK. These can be used in various combinations to execute different maneuvers and attacks.

  • Joystick: Move.
  • Attack:
    • If unarmed: Punch/Kick.
    • If armed: Use weapon.
    • If container is nearby: Smash it open.
    • If item or weapon is lying nearby: Pick it up. If the player is holding a weapon, he can exchange it for a different one on the ground.
  • Jump: Jump. Can be done while moving.
    • (Guy only) Jump toward a wall, then push the joystick in the opposite direction upon touching it to bounce off.
  • Jump, then Attack: Flying kick (Guy, Cody) or dropkick (Haggar). Can be done while moving.
  • Jump, then hold Down + Attack together: Flying knee kick (Guy, Cody) or splash (Haggar).
  • Jump + Attack together: Deathblow. This is a spinning attack (spin kick for Guy/Cody, clothesline for Haggar) that will knock down all enemies in the vicinity. However, it also drains some of the player's health.
  • Push joystick toward enemy while standing very close: Grab enemy. Different attacks can now be done:
    • Attack: Knee to face (Guy, Cody) or headbutt (Haggar).
    • Push joystick left or right, then Attack: Throw enemy (Guy, Cody) or perform back suplex (Haggar).
    • (Haggar only) While holding an enemy, jump and then press Attack to perform a flying pile driver.