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The inventory screen, translated.

You will collect items throughout the game that will help you in your quest. Some items can only be purchased in shops in exchange for gold, while other items can be collected during gameplay. Of the items which can be collected, some items are deposited in predetermined positions, while others are obtained by defeating enemies. Items are broken down into three major categories: Attack items, Defense items, and miscellaneous. While some Attack items and Defense items can only be used one time, most can be used indefinitely. Only one Attack item and one Defense item can be active at any time. Pause the game and use the A button and B button buttons to cycle through your available Attack and Defense items.

Attack items[edit]

Defense Drum Rock Sword Devilish Top
Getsu Fuuma Den item defense drum.png
"Mamori Taiko"- providence drum. Instead of swinging a sword, you will beat this mystical drum which produces a 力 symbol, a symbol meaning force. It is useful early on when your sword is still weak, but once you gain strength, it's usefulness diminishes.
Getsu Fuuma Den item rock sword.png
"Iwa no Ken"- rock sword. The paths through some stages have obstacles that you can't jump over. Instead, you will need a weapon capable of cutting through them. You can use the Rock Sword to cut a path through these walls and reach your destination on the other side.
Getsu Fuuma Den item deveilsh top.png
"Mashura no Koma"- top of devilishness. By activating this weapon, you become a living weapon whenever you jump through the air. Each time you leap, you will somersault and attack any enemy that gets close to you.
Shuriken Curse Dynamite Curse Clothes
Getsu Fuuma Den item shuriken.png
"Shuriken"- litrally hand out-of-sight blade. A simple but useful weapon, you will throw out three throwing stars with each attack while you activate the Shuriken.
Getsu Fuuma Den item curse dynamite.png
"Noroi no Bakuraku"- explosive spell. A spell of enchantment has been cast on these explosives to help you rid the under world of demons. Each time you throw them, the dynamite lands on the ground and rolls forward a bit before exploding.
Getsu Fuuma Den item curse clothes.png
"Noroi no Koromo"- coating spell. Donning these clothes does not put a curse on you. Rather, it makes you invincible to your enemies, allowing you to charge right through them. It last for about four seconds, and it will disappear after you use it, so you will have to by another one to replace it.
Wave Motion Sword
Getsu Fuuma Den item hadouken.png
"Hadou Ken"- wave sword. This is the ultimate weapon. You can only activate this weapon once you have retrieved all of the stolen Hadouken swords. (The ken in Hadouken means sword, unlike in Street Fighter II where it means fist.)

Defense items[edit]

Guard Medicine Red Charm
Getsu Fuuma Den item guard.png
"Omamori"- amulet. Activate this charm to increase your defensive capability slightly and reduce the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks. Lasts as long as it is equipped.
Getsu Fuuma Den item medicine.png
"Reiyaku"- miracle medicine. The Medicine will restore some of your lost health; about one half of your health meter. It can only be used once, and then you must find or purchase another.
Getsu Fuuma Den item red gem.png
"Jumon no Akatama"- jasper charm. The Red Charm can be used to instantly defeat any enemy that you happen to be facing in the first-person perspective areas of the game. It can only be used once.
Blue Charm Candle Compass
Getsu Fuuma Den item blue gem.png
"Jumon no Aotama"- sapphire charm. Similar to the Red Charm, the Blue Charm is used to instantly eliminate any enemies that happen to be on the screen in the side scrolling portions of the game. It can only be used once, and it does not work against bosses.
Getsu Fuuma Den item candle.png
"Rousoku"- candle. When you first enter the first-person perspective sections of the game, the dungeons will be very dark. Use the candle to illuminate these caves. It does not run out, and you only need to activate it once.
Getsu Fuuma Den item compass.png
"Houkou Seki"- bearing stone. When exploring the first-person perspective dungeons, the compass can help you get your bearings by displaying your current direction in the upper right corner. You'll see 北 for north, 南 for south, 東 for east, and 西 for west.
Defense Gem
Getsu Fuuma Den item defense gem.png
"Mamori Tama"- defense orb. This item will activate a ring of burning rocks that encircle you while you run through a side-scrolling portion of the game. They will burn up most enemies that they collide with. Can only be used once, and lasts only for as long as the rocks are not hit.


Money Pouch Demon Soul 1-Up Doll
Getsu Fuuma Den item pouch.png
"Kinchaku"- pouch, purse. Many defeated enemies will leave a pouch of money behind. Be sure to collect as many of these as you can in order to save up to purchase valuable items from shops.
Getsu Fuuma Den item soul.png
"Tamashii"- soul, spirit. When some enemies are defeated, their souls escape and begin to rise towards the heavens. Collect them before they do to restore small amounts of lost life.
Getsu Fuuma Den item 1up.png
"Waraningyo"- straw doll. These items are extremely rare, but if you happen to find one in a stage and collect it, you will earn one extra life. Be careful though; while all of them can be collected, some of them are place in tantalizingly dangerous locations.
Devil Pass
Getsu Fuuma Den item devil pass.png
"Kimen Fu"- devil's face sign. In order to make progress from one portion of the under world to the next, you will need possession of the Devil Passes. You must earn these passes from guardians who will test you before they will bestow one upon you.