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Kid Klown in Crazy Chase
Box artwork for Kid Klown in Crazy Chase.
Release date(s)
System(s)SNES, Nintendo Power (SNES)
TwitchKid Klown in Crazy Chase Channel
YouTube GamingKid Klown in Crazy Chase Channel

Kid Klown, the main character in Kid Klown in Crazy Chase, is the klutziest clown on Clown Planet, a world inhabited by clowns. Kid Klown must rescue the kidnapped Princess Honey from the evil pirate Blackjack. Kid Klown catches up to Blackjack in his spaceship, but instead of firing on his enemy, he accidentally hits the Panic Button, blowing his ship up. Now you must help Kid Klown make his way through different levels avoiding traps and enemies, while doing so before the bombs that Blackjack sets go off. In addition, you will periodically face Blackjack himself throughout the levels.

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