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Stage select code[edit]

At the title screen, enter the following sequence: Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad Left dpad B button A button Up dpad Down dpad Up dpad Down dpad A button Start button

When you start the game, you can press A button on the second player controller to instantly advance to the next numerical world at any time, or you can press B button on the second controller to pause the action of the game.

Continue code[edit]

At the game over screen, press in order B button A button Start button, and you will be able to continue from the start of the world where you left off.

Secret ending message[edit]

During the ending, a baby Kong will appear on the screen and give you the peace sign. At this time, press and hold A button+B button throughout the entire staff credits roll, and wait for the final screen to appear. If you held the buttons down, a secret message will appear and depending on how many hours it took you to beat the game, you'll get 24 different messages.