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King Kong 2 World9 map.png

The last world of the game is full of tricks and traps to throw you off your search for the location of Lady Kong. You'll have to use all of the survival skills that you have learned up to this point to make it through. Since this is the last world, there is little point to spending more time here than you need. When you arrive, you will see a door in a sectioned off portion of the room. In order to speed up the process of reaching the boss of this world, it is recommended that you follow the wall south and around to this door, which shortcuts you to the opposite corner of the world. When you arrive, you will have to overcome the first trick.

Point 1

At point 1 on the map, you will have to punch through the wall that divides the lower pathway in order to create an opening that will allow you to proceed to the right. Upon doing so, you may enter the room where the world's Artificial Heart is kept, a valuable tool in the fight against the final boss.

Point 2
Point 3

Point 2 on the map is even more devilish than the first point. Rather than providing any noticeable location around the room where you can punch and destroy the wall to make a path for Kong to continue, there is one section of the north wall that you may simply pass through in order to proceed. Finally, at point 3, you must find yet another point to punch through the wall in order to locate the path that will send King Kong on his way to this world's boss, and the rescue of Lady Kong. From here, you must circle around to the location of the heavy door, which requires all eight keys to open. There is, however, a trick that will let you bypass the use of the keys if you do not have all of them.


Boss Room location
World 3 Boss

The final boss that King Kong must face is an army of 18 robotic gorillas. Each robot will only attack one at a time, and the will attack from left to right, and from bottom to top. The best strategy is to stand along the middle of the room, in front of the next robot that is to become alive, and begin throwing rocks up at it just prior to its coming alive. The timing of this can be tricky, but if you do it right, and your rock power is at maximum strength, you can defeat each robot with two rocks before it has a chance to get close to you. With this technique, you will only need 36 rocks to defeat all 18 robots, more if you are not at full strength. If you run out of rocks, you will have to resort to punching. Attack quickly and move out of the way before becoming trampled by the robot.

When the very last robot is defeated, you are free to travel up to the room above, where Lady Kong is waiting to be rescued. After the ending and the staff credits, the game will begin again in World 1 at a slightly higher level of difficulty.