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Items in League of Legends help a player's champion fight on the battlefield. They can be used for many things from raising a champions attack power to building higher armor for defensive purposes. Usually they improve a champion's stats, but some items aid in the strategy of the game. For example, Wards reveal areas of a map that would usually be hidden by the fog of war for a short duration. They help alert you and your teammates when eneimes are approaching or help plan an ambush when you, or your team, see the enemy but they don't see you.

Items are bought from the in-game shop and each player is given a total of 6 items slots, so it is important to choose your final items carefully as there are many to choose from. At this time, the Champions Rengar and Viktor, have specific items unique to them where (when playing them) they are the only ones who can purchase that item from the shop. League of Legends Items can be put into five categories. Below is a list of League of Legends Items:

Basic Items[edit]

Item Stats Cost Builds Into
B.F. Sword

LoL B.F. Sword.gif

+45 Attack Damage 1550g LoL Infinity Edge.gifLoL The Bloodthirster.gif45px45px45px
Boots of Speed

LoL Boots of Speed.gif

Unique – Enhanced Movement: +25 movement speed 325g LoL Berserkers Greaves.gif45pxLoL Boots of Swiftness.gif45px45px45px45px
Doran's Blade

LoL Doran's Blade.gif

+80 health, +10 attack damage

Passive - Your basic attacks restore 5 health each time they hit an enemy.
475g Nothing
Doran's Shield

LoL Doran's Shield.gif

+100 Health,+5 Armor, +8 Health Regen per 5 seconds

Passive - Blocks 6 damage from champion basic attack.
440g Nothing
Giant's Belt

LoL Giant's Belt.gif

+380 Health 1000g 45px45pxLoL Sunfire Cape.gif45pxLoL Warmog's Armor.gif

Advanced Items[edit]

Advanced items are made with at least one basic item.

Item Stats Cost Recipe Builds Into
Avarice Blade

LoL Avarice Blade.gif

+10% Critical Striked

Unique Passive - Avarice: You gain an additional 3 gold every 10 seconds

Unique Passive - Greed: You can an additional 2 gold for every kill.
800g (400g) 50px + 400g 45px45px45px45px
Berserker's Greaves

LoL Berserkers Greaves.gif

+20% Attack Speed

Unique – Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed
900g (175g) LoL Boots of Speed.gif + 50px + 175g Nothing, but can be enchanted
Infinity Edge

LoL Infinity Edge.gif

+70 Attack Damage, +25% Critical Strike

Unique Passive: Critical hits now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.
3800g (645g) LoL B.F. Sword.gif + 50px + 50px + 645g Nothing
Vampiric Scepter

LoL Vampiric Scepter.gif

+10 Attack damage, +10 Life steal 800g (400g) 50px + 400g 45pxLoL The Bloodthirster.gif45px45px45px45px45px
Warmog's Armor

LoL Warmog's Armor.gif

+1000 Health

Unique Passive: You gain health regeneration equal to 1% of your maximum health.
2830g (995g) LoL Giant's Belt.gif + 50px + 50px + 50px + 995g Nothing

Legendary Items[edit]

Mythical Items[edit]

Consumable Items[edit]