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Box artwork for Lode Runner II - The Bungeling Strikes Back.
Lode Runner II - The Bungeling Strikes Back
Year released1984
Preceded byLode Runner (Arcade)
Followed byLode Runner III - The Golden Labyrinth
SeriesLode Runner
Japanese titleロードランナー バンゲリング帝国の逆襲
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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In 1984, after developing the first arcade conversion of Lode Runner, Irem developed a sequel in a very short period of time. This second version contained 30 selected levels from the 150 original levels, in comparison to the first version's 24 levels. Other than the new levels, and some new looks for the enemies (all of whom behave the same) there is no difference in game play.

Irem brought many of their arcade inspired levels to the Famicom Disk System under the names Super Lode Runner and Super Lode Runner II.

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